Homeschooling His Children

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Michael and Jackie Bigar

Hey friend! We are a husband and wife team who is homeschooling their three children. We are passionate about living off the land (debt free) and being self reliant. We create goals and plans. We would love for you to join us on this journey of self discovery and self sufficiency

Homeschooling His Children

Homeschooling His Children Podcast

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We truly want to help you live a abundant, joyful and purposeful life with your family! We provide a brand new podcast every Sunday before 3:00 PM MT.

Available on at Homeschooling His Children, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

      Hey, hey, hey friend! What's up? Let's hangout a bit, dreamer to dreamer. We post a new podcast for you to inspire and educate you on how to live a life you love with the people that matter most to you. This podcast is hosted by me, Michael and I most days but we are looking for guests to feature on our podcast.

      If you are a entrepuner, homesteader, farmer or homemaker and would like to be a featured guest please contact me! My contact information is on the bottom of this page or go to our contact us page to send over a e-mail. 

      My desire is for you to live the life of your dreams. On our podcast we talk about our journey to debt freedom, homeschooling, homemaking, small scale farming, homesteading and entrepreneurial life. We are also excited to start doing giveaways this year as well! 

       Let's hangout together while you start your morning off right, make breakfast, clean your house or drive around town getting stuff done. Whenever you need me I am here. This homesteading and homemaking podcast is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your listening pleasure. Let's be friends and hangout often!


Young Living Membership

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     As parents we have a lot of responsibilities. We need to keep our home clean, our families healthy and happy and do it all with staying in a budget. That is a lot to do, right? Yes! Having a Young Living membership will help you solve 99% of those daily struggles.

      How can your Young Living membership solve your problems? Young Living is a great company that strives to do what is right socially and for the environment. The founders of Young Living and their awesome teams work hard to create a sustainable business that helps others make needed income for their families. 

By joining Young Living you are joining something great for your personal health, yours families health and create income for your family if you choose that path. If you would like to learn more about having a Young Living membership please visit our page about us. 

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Homesteading in America

 Homesteading in America

Homesteading in America

     We dream of a sweet small home on 5+ acres in the middle of a forest somewhere in Northern America. Since I was a little girl I have wanted to live like the family I saw on the Little House on the Prairie. We are so excited to start living a more simple life centered on love for one another and our creator. 

    We are immersing ourselves in learning all the skills needed for living off the land in a off grid environment. One of our favorite things to do currently is watching fellow homesteaders and small scale farmers on YouTube. We are searching for answers in books and online to the questions we have about homesteading. 

       Once we start homesteading and building our small farm we will share that journey with you. We hope our journey to self sufficiency creates a passion in you to continue on your own path to living a more simple and fulfilling life.