Kindergarten Math Game (Game of War)

Hi friends! I am sharing our kindergarten homeschool math game. Today we are playing the game of war, kindergarten style. You can create this game on your own or pick it up on our website at Homeschooling His Children.

Hi friends! I have a fun kindergarten math game to share with you! We have created this kindergarten math game of war for our fellow homeschool families. This game is great for children four years old and older. 


The steps for playing this kindergarten math game:

  1. Get your copy of the math workbook. You can click on the picture of our homeschool math curriculum above. Then print out the workbook and put it in a blinder or take it to OfficeDepo for binding. If you get it bound there it should cost only a few dollars.
  2. Next, find the kindergarten math lesson for the game of war. This is on page 170 of math workbook.
  3. Then, get scissors out and cut out your playing cards. I laminated mine because I plan on using them for years. But you can totally skip that step.
  4. Now, shuffle the playing cards and divide the cards into two equal piles. 
  5. Lastly, each player will flip over a cards and the player with the highest amount of hearts wins. The winner takes both cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the BIG WINNER. Note: If two of the same cards are drawn the player that first says "equal" gets to keep both cards.
  6.  Enjoy lots of hugs and kisses from your happy homeschool kiddo.