11-15-17 Homeschool Mom Encouragement



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Michael and Jackie Bigar

Homeschool Mom Encouragement

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Mommy Fuel

Homeschool Mom Encouragement

Mom's need encouragement in all that they do! We especially need encouragement in homeschooling! As a fellow homeschool mom I want to encourage all my other homeschooling mamma's to make time for themselves.

We have all heard that mom's need to make time for themselves but have we truly invested quality time for ourselves? For me the answer is no. Straight up no. I have been running on low "mommy fuel" since my oldest son was born. So about 6 years now I have not made quality time for myself.

You may be asking what does quality mommy time look like. Quality mommy time involves mommy (aka you) to get out of the house and invest time into herself. I think the best mommy time involves being productive in some way too. My quality mommy time definitely involves my brand Homeschooling His Children. 

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

how to make money as a stay at home mom

Moms deserve to contribute to society in someway and also have the ability to stay at home with their children to raise them as needed. So mommy time involves productive work and solitude. For about seven years I searched the internet high and low for a answer on "how to be a stay at home mom and work from home" or "how to make money as a stay at home mom". So when I say moms need time for themselves the end result of that time should involve some sort of payment. 

Money is what makes the world go round. We all need money for food, shelter, and clothes so as stay at home moms we deserve to have some payment of the work we do. Unfortunately, all households do not have enough income to "pay" a stay at home mom. Therefore, the stay at home mom will need to find another way to generate some income for themselves. 

I am so excited to see the many stay at home moms I follow on Instagram and Youtube working to help provide for their families in someway. There are so many option for working as a stay at home mom. Seriously, its over whelming the option to make money online as a stay at home mom. But ladies as the saying going "Everything that is good takes time." 

From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands bring them reward.
— Proverbs 12:14

Be The Best Homeschool Mom You Can Be

how to homeschool

When you invest in quality time for yourself so that you can get the work done that you feel will enhance your life you will have the energy and can focus on homeschooling. Homeschooling is such a joy! It is one of the best experiences and choices we have made as a family. My biggest struggle with homeschooling is feeling burnout! I enjoy blogging, posting on Instagram and making YouTube videos but it simply takes a lot of energy and time.

The best choice I have made was decided that I needed to get out of the house a little bit super early in the morning and late in the evenings. This quite time truly has been healing my #momburnout and #momproblems (I've been hashtagging thoses on my Instagram a lot lately).

So get the time you need to get the work you need to get done. Then you can truly focus on your children when its time to do homeschooling. You will have the time you need in the early morning or evenings. The rest of the time during the day can go to stay at home mom stuff and homeschool mom stuff. 

I hope you found this podcast and blog post encouraging and helpful. I hope ya'll have a awesome Wednesday! Byyyyyyeeeee.....

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

Homeschooling His Children