11-16-17 Homeschool Mom Encouragement



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Have a great day friend! See ya next Sunday.

Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar

Today's Podcast

Hi friends! It's Thursday! In today's podcast I am going to be giving you a pick peek into my daily scheduled, what I am making for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will also share with you how we have been spending our free time.

Daily Schedual

I have been loving the kindergarten homeschool curriculum planner I created. 

Someday I would love to create a homeschool curriculum planner for all parents of any age children. But Ya'll I am busy like you. Mommy time is so limited already! Someday friends...someday over the rainbow.. dreams come true.

Primal Diet and Fresh Farm Foods

Do you like eating a primal diet too? I will be composing a blog post soon of a ton of primal foods I have made in the last month. Yum Yum. I will also show you the paleo and primal cook books that I found at the library that I really enjoyed. I am really into eating healthy and I want to share with you what yummy food we are eating. Also the food I choose can usually fit into your families budget as well. Most of the foods we have been eating are coming from our local farmers market and you can probably find these foods in your area or online too.

Our Free Time

Honestly, I have such little free time its unreal and so real at the same time! So in the evening we usually watch YouTube as a family. We eat our homemade dinner and setting down on the couch and watch our favorite YouTubers. We love Grass-fed homestead and Off Grid with Doug and Stacey. 

During the day if I get a spot of free time I will read a primal or paleo cookbook. I am super excited that I picked up two new paleo library books last night. If you have a library near your home you can order books to be held. Its awesome the library by our home has that service. Just go to the library website and search for the book you want and then get it on hold. They will then send you a e-mail when its ready..... awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed the hoemschool planning I talked about, eating fresh farm food and what we do in our free time. Have a good Thursday ya'll. Byeeeee.......

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar