11-18-17 Special Saturday Afternoon Edition*




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Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar

Special Saturday Afternoon Edition

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Farmers Market in Arizona

Today we will be covering:

Eating Healthy

Hi friends! So I want to talk to you about how we like to buy our food and why we makes to special choices when buying food. These choices include humanely raised food, organic, and local.

Humanely Raised Food

This one is probably a no brainer We often choose to buy meat that was grass-fed and cage free. But ya'll it is EXPENSIVE! For real. We wished that we could buy humanely raised meat all the time but we just don't have it in our budget. 

The humanely raised meat is so important to us that we have decided to become farmers so that we can humanely raise our own meat. We just believe that animals should not be kept in such poor living conditions their whole lives up until being processed.

Organic Food

We choose to buy organic foods because we do not want to buy foods covered in chemicals. Organic foods are foods that have not been treated with pesticides. Just think about it... could you choose a apple if you saw the tree being sprayed with a chemical that kills little critters before hand? I sure would not... it would register in my head that if this tree has bug poison on it.. I would also be consuming the bug poison.  

Local Farm Fresh Foods

We choose to buy local foods for a few reasons. First, we are supporting our local economy buy choosing foods that are local. We are also supporting local farmers because we want to be farmers one day ourselves and know what goes around comes around. Lastly, we support local farms because the food has been transported are shorter distance which is better for the environment and we get our food faster resulting in fresher food.

Staying Fit

Staying fit is important for so many reasons. When you look and feel food you will be happier, feel more attractive and have more energy. Doesn't that sound like something you want? I love staying fit and active. I know that when I workout in the morning it sets my day to be most productive and puts me in a better mood. Also you husband will notice once you start doing squats and lunges each day ;)

Treating Our Husbands with Respect

This one is so important I don't even know where to begin! So treating your husband with respect should be seen in your actions. Actions speak louder than words so make sure you are showing your husband that you respect him and value him. Even if you don't feel like treating him well.. you should because he is your provider and once you start treating him with respect he will start valuing you more.

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Oh that old saying is so true that it is slightly annoying, right? I think so. But we must treat the man God has put in our life as best as we can. Treated your husband may look like you serving him and his needs and that is a GOOD thing. 

Women's rights activists may be frowning at me right now.. but I am happily married and I contribe that to be serving my husband. I cook and bake my husband food from scratch. I make sure I get him fresh water in a reusable cup and something to eat each morning before he goes to work (sometimes that is just water and a apple) this helps him know that his wife loves and cares about him and his needs.

So ladies I know what I am saying is the opposite of what we hear and see our culture teaching us but please trust me on this one. If you want to have a happy marriage serve your hubby well. Love him like he is the only man in your world.

Well, I hope all of you sweet ladies have a awesome weekend! Byeeeeee.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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