11-20-17 Homeschool Mom Encouragement Podcast

Homeschool Mom Encouragement Podcast

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Hi friends! How are you all doing? I am back this beautiful Monday morning with a special podcast for you. Today we are going to talk about organizing our schedule and what that looks like as a homeschool mom. 

Staying Organized 

Why is staying organized important? Because if you have a plan you will be about to execute that plan. If you have no plan, well then you have no idea where to start. Homeschool planning is super important if you want your child to be at the same educational level as his or her peers at school. But even if you are ok with your child going at a slower pace you will want them to be learning while at homeschool.

So how do we stay organized as a homeschool mom? You can use a teacher planner. These planners are super cheap. If you have a kindergarten student or first grader I would suggest you use ours because we include all the national learning standards each day of the homeschooling year! We offer a super affordable planner on our website here (homeschool planner).  

If you are not interested in my planner you could create your own on a blank page on your computer. Then print our your homemade homeschool planner and get it professionally bound or bind it at home yourself. There are pretty affordable comb binding machines on Amazon. Personally, I take my printed pages to Office Depot to be bound for $3.00 per book! Yes, thats right it's only $3.00 per book at Office Depot for their binding service! 

How to Use a Homeschool Planner

You may already have a homeschool planner. If you already do then thats awesome (good job momma). Now, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to use your homeschool planner. Do you work outside the home? Are you a mom of multiple kiddos or do you have just one? Do you homeschool at home or go outside the home for homeschool help? Do you cook from scratch? These questions will help you think about what you will need to plan for.

So in my homeschool planner I plan for these things:

  • My Morning Work Schedual (I am a working stay at home mom who loves to homeschool!)
  • My Daily Homeschool Mom Encouragement Podcast Plan
  • Our Daily Physcial Education Plan
  • What I am Cooking for Our Homeschool Breakfast 
  • Any Chores Planned
  • My Homeschool Schedule- When and Which Subjects to Teach
  • What I am Cooking for Our Homeschool Lunch
  • Scheduled Naps
  • Any Special Things We Are Doing- For example, today I am looking for a healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipe to make this holiday.
  • What I am Cooking for Dinner 
  •  I also schedule shower times and sleep times because if I do not then we end up staying up waaaaaay to late and that causes mommy burnout! 

If you would like to see a picture of my homeschool schedual please click here so we can be Instagram friends. I post lots of encouraging homeschooling photos there.

How My Homeschool Planner Has Enhanced My Life as a Homeschool Mom

We are in the middle of moving to a different state so we are super busy! That means that homeschool was put on the back burner of my life for a month. So I stoped using my homeschool planner and boy did that mess up my life. Now, I am a simple person. I like simple things. I would live in a cave in the forest if I could but we live in a modern world and we are working toward having a sustainable business online. Therefore, I have to plan (a lot).

I truly have noticed that when I do plan my days go smoothly. We know whats happening and when. When I do not plan it looks like a circus at my house. So to keep my life sane I plan my day with a homeschool planner. I love how much more I can accomplish when I plan my day. We usually never have to worry about what we are eating and when we are doing our homeschool lessons. 

Of course, planning your homeschooling day wont work out perfectly each day. Honestly, most days what you plan are just suggestions at suggested times. But never the less planning for your homeschool day will help you know whats happening and when.

Wrap Up

Well friends, I hope you all have a awesome Monday morning! You all are doing great as homeschool moms. You are making the choice to invest quality time into your children's lives and education. My friends if Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington were all homeschooled then maybe perhaps homeschooling truly does enhance a person's character.  God bless you, your family, and this great nation.


 Photo of our homeschool planner!

Photo of our homeschool planner!

Yours Truly, 

Jackie Bigar

Homeschooling His Children




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Have a great day friend! See ya next Sunday.

Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar

Michael and Jackie