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Lesson Planning For Homeschoolers

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 Homeschool Lesson Planning

Homeschool Lesson Planning

Hi friends, it's Jackie here. Let's talk about lesson planning as a homeschool mom. What does your lesson planning look like? I should spend more time lesson planning! I have created my own curriculum so each day I have all my lessons pre-planned for me. So each day I kind of take that for granted and then I do not review what I am teaching the night before and our homeschool day kinda sucks. So let us talk about how to be good at planning homeschool lessons and what successful homeschool planning looks like! 

Are you good at lesson planning?

 Homeschool Lesson Planning

Homeschool Lesson Planning

I wish I was better at lesson planning but the truth is I just am not... I am so busy and I know that if I follow the plan I already created that I pretty much don't have to lesson plan for the whole year. BUT... I do need to review my lessons the night or morning before I teach them, get my school materials ready before I teach. I need to get better at this friends!    

Differentiated Instruction in a Homeschool Classroom

 Differentiated Instruction in a Homeschool Classroom

Differentiated Instruction in a Homeschool Classroom

What the who? Differentiated instruction is simply when the teacher creates different lessons for multiple children based on those children's needs. Here is a example, I have a 6 years old son who is super active, I have a studious 4 year old who can work very intently on worksheets, then I have a baby girl who is 2. If I were focus on differentiated instruction I would have different lessons for each child. The big question of the day is do I need to plan special lessons for each of my children or focus on teaching one things and each child can learn as much as they can based on their age and abilities? 

I'll be honest... I usually only teach my kindergartener who is 6 years old and let the little ones watch him learn. I am so busy working on my business and taking care of the house that I so often do not teach my little ones.. pretty much ever. When I am teaching my kindergartener my preschoolers are usually within listening distance so I know they are listening even when I do not realize it! Just yesterday I was teaching my kindergartener how to read and listen to the different groups of sounds words make and I looked over and my four year old was sitting right next to us listening and playing very close attention! It was truly a eye opening experience! 

It is truly magical friends... even when we teach the child with the highest abilities the little ones are still learning! I know... some of you may be thinking Jackie... you terrible parent.. be a teacher to all your children. Well, the good news friends is that even though I am not directly teaching my preschoolers they are learning. Honestly, friends I think my little ones are learning more than if they were doing lessons based on their age and abilities because they are striving to learn what their oldest sibling is learning. This is something to consider when lesson planning.

Examples of my kiddos still learning:

  • My son and daughter are learning to recite the alphabet by their older brother singing it.
  • My 4 year old is learning to write by seeing his older brother write.. he will often get to practice doing the writing worksheets that his older brother didn't complete. Both of my preschoolers are actually very interested in learning the same things his older brother is learning. 
  • The are also learning to count when they hear my older one practicing. 
  • The learn the silly songs me and my kindergartener sing. The pick up the lullabies and educational songs like "when two vowels go walking, the first does the talking and the first vowel says its name" or "The vowels are A,E, I, O, U and sometimes Y .... these are the vowels".
  • They learn how to wash their hands after going potty.
  • How to get a cup of water themselves.
  • How to get books to read on their own.
  • How to get writing and drawing materials out themselves.
  • My 6 year old and surprisingly my 2 year old daughter know how to use my smart phone to take pictures! They see me taking pictures of my work to later post on my blog so they often want to take pictures of their work. So cute!
  • Plus my little ones engage each other in conversation very often so that is good for their communication skills. If I am totally honest... which I usually am... they will often get into fights too. But that is also good for me to be there when it happens so that we can work through those more difficult times together. 

Do We Really Need Differentiated Instruction in Homeschool?

My answer is yes and no. It is great if you can focus on your children's individual needs for sure but that can be done with different methods! You can focus on your oldest child's learning abilities because the little ones are watching and learning even if you are not directly teaching them. Of course you can ask your 4 year old the same questions as your 6 year old but you can allow your 4 year old to watch and learn.

I have experienced teaching my 6 year old and 4 year old at the same time. I gave them both the same worksheets and asked them the same questions but I noticed that their was a huge about of frustration from my 4 year old. He just wasn't ready to do the same level of work as my oldest. I did notice something very interesting though, my 4 year old would quietly complete the same worksheet on his own time at his own pace.

I do not want to slow my lessons down for my four year old because my older son was getting really board. Ya'll my 6 year old is ACTIVE... it is super hard for me to keep him engaged as is so when I had to slow down to teach is little brother I completely lost my 6 year old (mentally and physically... he would walk out of the room). That's why I teach my oldest son and let me little ones learn from those lessons at their own pace.

Live and Learn!

Friends, homeschooling is all about learning. Learning for your child and learning for you as the homeschool mom! You truly are a new teacher... with little to no training. So you are doing excellent if you are making progress in your child's education. Make sure you keep record of what your child is learning. These can just be mental notes or physically notes. Classroom teachers do this and its important for you as a homeschool teacher to know what your child currently knows and what they still need to learn.

Wrap Up

Was this information helpful? I would love to hear your feedback on what you are doing in your classroom and how homeschooling is going for you? Each of us have different situations and lives so what works for my family may be different for what works for your family. I do know that I am so glad you joined me today and I hope we can chat soon! Have a good day friend. Byeeeee....

Yours Truly, 

Jackie Bigar

Homeschooling His Children

PS- Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!