11-27-17 Homeschooling with TV and Electronics




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Michael and Jackie Bigar

TV and Electronics

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 PE During Homeschool

PE During Homeschool

Hi friends! How are you doing?? I was thinking about having my kids watching TV while was cleaning or podcasting and I felt overwhelmed with guilt. I have heard so many times not to let me kids watch TV or play on electronics during the day.

Do you allow your child to indulge in these this electronic fun? I rarely allow my kiddos to play on my phone or watch TV during our homeschool day. I look at TV as a babysitter... and NOT always a good babysitter. 

Why I Restrict TV Time:

 Creating a new picture with shapes (math lesson for our math curriculum).

Creating a new picture with shapes (math lesson for our math curriculum).

Some of the reasons I strictly limit the amount of TV my children watch each day. 

  • I do not want my children to imitate the behavior that is seen as acceptable and sometimes encouraged on TV. A lot of the shows encourage children to yell, jump around, or simply act with disrespect to others. For example, Caillou on channel 8 will often whine and cry to get what he wants. I've seen the show express that if a child wines enough the child will eventually get their way. 
  • I also see one of my children suck their thumb when he watches TV.
  • My children will become aggressive towards each other after watching TV.
  • When they play with my phone they will become territorial over it which often ends in hitting. 
  • So when your watching a TV show their will usually be good guys and bad guys. Often the bad guys behavior is imitated just as often as the good guys behavior. So how can you teach your child what is right and wrong if both behaviors are displayed in front of your child so often.

Did You Watch TV Growing Up?

Playing at the Library

I sure did! I watched a lot! Pocahontas was like my best friend. Well.... Bell from Beauty and The Beast was like my sister because I watched her so often. What does that do to a child's psych? I honestly watching TV in the evening by myself more than spending time with my parents.. by far much more time alone with my TV. I am so afraid my children will remember more TV than playing with their siblings or parents.  

I have a rule in my house that we can only own one TV. I did not want my kids to be in their room or a separate room watching TV alone while Michael and I watched TV in our living room. So what do we do in place of TV?

We spend time together watching YouTube videos in the evening. We spend about 2 hours each night watching YouTube. But we are watching people who are homesteading and creating small farms. Honestly, this is our learning time. We truly learn so much from these people. Plus, our kiddos are sitting there with us.

So you are probably thinking two hours of TV... thats a lot of TV! I 100% agree with you friend. But I honestly do not let my kids watch much TV during the day... I have let my kids watch a TV show while I do my podcast but I honestly feel really guilty about that and I am trying to figure out something else they can do while I create my podcast and then put it on my website. If you have ideas about what I can have my kids do during this time I would love to hear your ideas!! The comments are open for this blog/podcast so please leave me some ideas!

So kids need to learn how to use the computer right? YES, YES, YES but..... with parental guidance. You should be sitting right by your little one while they are navigating the world wide web, doing a learning game or something else that is enhancing their learning of computers and how they work.

We are homeschool parents because we want to create life long relationships with our little ones right? We want them to remember us not their electronics right? We want our relationships with our kids to grow into a relationship of mutual respect. Well... friends to get respect we must give respect and that involves us spending quality time with our kiddos each day. 

My Personal Struggle

 Working Stay at Home Mom - Trip to Library to Work in a Quiet Place

Working Stay at Home Mom - Trip to Library to Work in a Quiet Place

I personally struggle with wanting to work during homeschool hours. I want to check my Instragram. I want to write blog posts. I want to create digital downloads. I want to do learning for how to create a strong audience on YouTube. I want to learn in Google tutorials about SEO for my website.  But I do not want to be completely absorbed in my work that I do not pay attention to my children.

Are you in a similar situation? I recommend going somewhere else to work. For example, go to a local library, coffee shop or even fast food restaurants where you can get your work done. You will create much higher quality content if you are at peace and by yourself. So take a few hours in the morning before your family gets up and then go to bed a few hours earlier each night. We all need our sleep. 

You can think of this work time as your way of contributing to your families future success and you get to work in a more peaceful environment. At a coffee shop you will most often hear music and the girls creating coffee orders verse kids yelling and tackling each other. Doesn't that sound like a better idea? You deserve this work time momma. Get time for your social media efforts, blog posts, YouTube video editing. What ever it is that will enhance your brand name take this time out for you and your families future. 

Wrap Up

 Spending Quality Time Together as a Family&nbsp;

Spending Quality Time Together as a Family 

I sure hope you found this podcast encouraging and motivational. I am personally coaching my self on creating quality work time so that I am not sticking my kids in front of electronic devices. I want you and your families to be strong, happy, and healthy so I am here to coach you to get there. Have a terrific Monday friends!! 

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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