1-1-17 What Do We Really Need for Christmas This Year?




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What Do We Really Need For Christmas?

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 Homeschool Mom Podcast

Homeschool Mom Podcast

Hi friends! It is finally December 1st! We are entering one of most enjoyable times of year or at least it is suppose to be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. We can focus on what we already have and be grateful or we can focus on what we don't have and how we can get what we want. It is really your choice on how you want Christmas to be!

I went to Target yesterday and the dollar store looking for the materials needed to do these homeschool Christmas crafts but I was overwhelmed to say the least. I don't know if it was because of all the people in those places or that my kids where begging for everything they saw in the stores. All I know is that I was freakin' out in there. 



So before we jump right into to this question "What do we really need for Christmas this year?" Let's refocus and think about what Christmas was like last year? Last year I got my kids a ton of stuff and they where so excited that day. We had stuff everywhere! My kids got one present every so often out of our closet to play with and it was good. Do you know where I got their Christmas presents? Most of my kids presents came from a garage sale I stopped by. They had a lot of art supplies and science kits still in boxes. I picked up a load of presents for like $20 bucks! 

I say all this because we can still treat our children to gifts even if they toys, art supplies, homeschool things are second hand. Honestly, my kids did not really know the different between brand new things and used things. Maybe it was the way I was brought up... used is just as good as brand new. 

 homeschool mom bible study

homeschool mom bible study

So... How can we make Christmas a magical time of year on a shoe string budget? Ohh... there are so many things you can do with the things you already have at home. You can make homemade Christmas cards, string popcorn together and wrap it around your tree or your fake paper tree (if you can't afford a real tree), you can do lots of crafts with the art supplies you already have. 

Later today I am going to go to our local library to see if they have any Christmas books in their used kids section. I might buy a book or two if there are only $1 each. But if I can't find any Christmas books for sale... I know I could borrow a few Christmas books.

Our Christmas craft and special Christmas snack budget for the whole month of December is $100 bucks. Today I am going to get $100 bucks out of the bank and put it into a little white envelope and write "Christmas Snacks and Crafts" on it. This was I have some money to buy special things during the month of December without going over budget. 

So if you would like to make some Christmas magic with the supplies you already have go for it! There is what I found for simple Christmas crafts for preschoolers and kindergarten. These crafts are easy, cheap and you already probably have most of these items already in your homeschool classroom. 

Here is a list of fun simple Christmas crafts for preschoolers and kindergarten. Your older kids may even enjoy making some of these crafts as well.

  • Christmas Tree Card Made With Construction Paper
  • Candy Canes Made With White, Red Beads and Pipe Cleaners
  • Fingerprint Christmas Lights
  • Cottonball Snowmen
  • Pinecone Christmas Tree's With Green Paint
  • Salt Dough Ornaments

We are also doing a new Christmas coloring page each day. At least we are planning on doing that! As a homeschool mom each day is new and who knows what we can accomplish but... it is nice having all the supplies on hand in case we have time to actually complete our homeschool lessons, Christmas crafts and Christmas themed snacks. Let's try to do a Christmas coloring page too! Hey... we are overachiever right?  

Here is a list of some of the healthy Christmas snacks:

  • Santa Face Crackers - Round Crackers, Nut Butter, Raisins,  Sliced Cheese 
  • Apple Sliced Christmas Tree- Apple Slices, Nut Butter, Raisins, and Sliced Cheese
  • Cheese and Grape Christmas Tree- Create a Adorable Christmas Tree with Cheese, Grapes, and Pretzel Sticks for the trunk. 
  • Egg Snowmen- Boil Eggs (unpeeled) Big Pretzel Stick to keep them together, chocolate chips or raisins for eyes and buttons
  • Banana Penguins- Dark Chocolate Melted over a banana, chocolate chip eyes or raisins,
  • String Popcorn and Wrap Around Tree
  • Cheese Stick Snowmen-Cheese Sticks, Nut butter, Raisins, 
  • Log Cabin with Coconut Snow- Big Pretzel Sticks, Nut butter, Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • Round Crackers- Lunch meat, Round Crackers, Sliced Cheese
  • Pita Bread Christmas Tree- Guacamole, tomatoes, pretzel, or peanut butter, coconut flakes and raisins.
  • No Bake Snowballs- Honey, Granola, Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, Nut Butter (Any Nut Butter of Your Choice I will be using Sunflower Seed Nut Butter orAlmond Nut Butter)
  • Strawberry Banana Sant Hats- Strawberries, Banana, and a Spot of Yogurt for the ball on top.

This year I am really going to think about who I want to give gifts too and what those heart made gifts will be. I personally think homemade gifts are the best. No store and compete with something homemade. You may want to make something for someone you love out of wood, or clay. I am better in the kitchen. I will probably make healthy dessert treats for the people in my inner circle that I love and what to share with. I am also really narrow down the amount of people that I give things too. Sorry... aunts and uncles that I see once a year... I have to focus on my family that I see everyday.  If I made homemade treats for 10+ families I would be burnt out. So I am focusing on my husband, kids, parents and a few close friends. I like to think that quality relationships are much more meaningful than quantity. Less is more friends.

 What really matters in life? More stuff? Nicer stuff? I love stuff... ? Right? No?

What really matters in life? More stuff? Nicer stuff? I love stuff... ? Right? No?

This Christmas I hope the spirit of Christmas lives inside all of us. The spirit of Christmas is helping those in need and loving our own families. My friends it truly is not about the stuff we have but about the people we have in our lives. No gift will ever replace you and your love. So if you choose to give your children, family and friends gifts make sure its coming from your heart and not out of guilt. I know I sometimes feel guilty for not getting into more debt because I'm not getting everyone expensive gifts. But that's exactly what advertisements do... they make us feel guilty for not buying their product. Be strong friends. I truly care about each and everyone of you.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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