Workout Routines for Women at Home or Gym- YouTube Video Coming Soon!




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Workout Routines for Women at Home or Gym- YouTube Video Coming Soon!

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Healthy Mama

 Workout Routine for Women at Home and Gym- YouTube Video Coming Soon!

Workout Routine for Women at Home and Gym- YouTube Video Coming Soon!

Hey girl! Let's talk about getting fit after the holiday season! You may be asking yourself why do I want to workout, my husband loves me just the way I am? Well, the stronger you are the better you will feel. I know that exercise has truly helped my overcome all sorts of personal struggles I was having. If you struggle with depression or board-om high intensity cardio is a amazing natural cure! 

I have seen so many benifits from working out. If you live near a gym and need some social time I defintally would tell you to go for it! Getting out of the house even for a brief amount of time will be so good for your mental well being. 

My Personal Workout Plan

I do not need to loose weight but I need to tone up. I am working out 4-5 days per week at the gym or at home. When we move to the country and start building our farm I will obviously by working out doing my chores and helping Michael build farm structures like a barn, garden, and our cabin. For now in the city during each of my workout sessions, I workout for about 1 hour each day. I start with about 30 minutes of cardio then I work on muscle building. I have heard that its good to alternate each day with a new type of workout so you can build muscle that way. 

My personal ideal body type is lean muscle and very toned especially in the darieraire area. So I focus on the parts of my body that I want to build muscle in. I try to do a over all body workout each time. Also of the workouts that I do are great for whole body fitness. I will defintally do a YouTube video on my favorite worksouts in the futrue.

Workout Routine for Women at Gym

Cardio- I love going to the classes at the gym. They are so much fun and you get to meet people that are in your area. I do not like the treadmill but I often use it to get some high intense cardio in. 

Here is a link to  list of cardio workouts for women.

Whole Body- I will also do box jumps. You simple find a big box around the gym and jump up on that. It is really fun and great for whole body.

Legs- I like to do lungs with weights. I really feel a difference in my body when I add some weight to my lungs.

Here is a list of some awesome leg workouts for women.

Butt- I like to do squats with weights.

Here are some excises you can do other than squats for a nice looking booty.

Arms- My arms are weak, no doubt about that. Some good arm workouts for women are pushups or simply do some curls with weights. 

Here's a link to great arm workout for women.

Abs- I usually include my ab workout in my whole body routine. But I will lay down with a heavy weight and pull it from side to side while laying down in a inclined position.

Check out this link for ab workouts- there is a video on this site as well.

Workout Routine for Women at Home

For you at home workout you can modify the workouts that I listed above to fit what you can do at home. Here are some ideas for simple workouts that you can easily do at home with little equipment or much thinking.

Cardio- Play with your kids. Run to the park. Play soccer or another active sport.

Whole Body- Put some dance music on that pumps you up and get your groove on. 

Legs- Lungs.

Butt- Squats.

Arms- Play catch. Pushups. 

Abs- Situps. 

Workout Routine for Women YouTube

My goal is to have a fun workout routine video here for you by the end of the week! I will show you my personal workout at home and maybe even some footage of my workout routine from the gym. So please come back by Friday to see if my workout routine for women YouTube video is up in running (of course pun indented).

Wrap Up

I hope you found this podcast motivational and encouraging! Please come back Thursday morning to hangout with me. I will be talking about eating clean. I want to help you have a great new year and I believe happiness starts from within. Let's take care of ourselves. See you Thursday.