Exercises For The Whole Family




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Exercises For The Whole Family

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 Exercise For The Whole Family

Exercise For The Whole Family

Why should the whole family exercise together?

It is so fun to get in shape especially when you have someone to exercise with. You, your husband and kids can have a great time while getting healthy. Plus, having your family with you will help you get even more motivated and push yourself harder. 

Play Time for The Whole Family

Excersie should be fun and enjoyable. Does anyone truly enjoy running on a treadmill at the gym? Honestly, the answer is probably no. At the gym you are running in front of a TV probably and just staring at the clock waiting to get off that unending spinning piece of plastic. 

So, how can you enjoy cardio exercise with your family? There are so many ways to get cardio in while playing with your kids. Here is a list of a few fun ways to do cardio exercise with your whole family.

Cardio for The Whole Family

 Exercise For The Whole Family

Exercise For The Whole Family

  • Skateboarding or rollerblading- This might be a good cardio workout for a family that enjoys getting outside to skate parks. This activity would be great for a family with children over the age of five.
  • Canoeing, rowing, or cross-country skiing- Canoeing is a great upper body and mid body workout. Plus, you do not even realize your getting exercise since your focused on getting somewhere in your little boat.
  • Fast walking- You can simple go for a fast walk. You can take your kids for a walk in their stroller, put them on your back or have them walk along side with you.
  • Hiking- Hiking is definitely one of our favorite form of cardio exercise for the whole family. We love exploring new hiking trails and seeing new things. We are looking forward to learning about foraging while hiking too. My grandma remembers going for hikes and finding wild blueberries. How amazing would that be?
  • Jogging, or running- Jogging or running are some very obvious forms of cardio. Whenever you are getting your heart rate up this is consider cardio. So running with your kids is a win win situation. They win so they can release some excess energy and you win the same thing!
  • Cleaning your home or yard work- Ohh! I like this one! Let's get the whole family involved in cleaning the house and make it fun! You can play some music and have a good time getting some chores done. Yes. please.
  • Dancing to music- Zumba anyone? I like to move it.. move... it!
  • Playing tag or jumping rope- Great for you and the kids.
  • Basketball or volleyball- Great for families with older kids!
  • Biking- Michael loves going for bike rides with Thomas. This is such a great father and son bonding time. The whole family can go for a ride if you have older kids.
  • Tennis, hockey, or soccer- I love playing soccer with my little kids. It's fun to get out and run around. Plus, all the kids can play as long as they are walking. This is one of my favorite cardio sports to play with kids!
  • Swimming- I love swimming! I was on a swim team from the age 5-16. I love it and it is a low impact cardio exercise. 
  • Gymnastics- Fun, fun, for everyone! Let's tumble, do hand stands and have a good time rolling around.
  • Climbing a rope, rocks, or trees- I love climbing trees and so do my kids!
  • Push-ups, pull-ups, or sit-ups- Let's go out and workout!
  • Tug-of-war- This is a fun game and people will not even know they're exercising.
  • Working out with weights or resistance bands- You can also pick up your children and use them as weights. Does anyone want to go for a piggy back ride?
  • Jumping rope, hopping, or skipping- These exercises are great cardio for any age children.
  • Yoga- Yoga is a low impact cardio exercise that children of all ages can do. There is even a position called child's pose. 

Wrap Up

I hope you are excited to start incorporating some cardio exercises for your whole family to do during the day. You definitely can have fun working out with your family while getting fit. Have a great Thursday and a amazing weekend! Talk to you Tuesday.