12-6-17 How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

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Hi friends! How is your week going? We are having a great start to this first week of December. Today I am going to talk about how stay at home moms can earn money while homeschooling.

There are seriously a ton of ways to earn money as a stay at home mom. But we have to decide how much time and energy we want to invest in work before we start. We also have to decide if you want quick fast cash or if you would rather earn money slowly and build something more sustainable. 

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

 How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom


Fast Ways For Stay at Home Moms to Make Money

If I will talk about quick ways for stay at home moms to earn money while staying home.

  • Babysitting- You can watch children in your home or the children's home. You can start a in-home day care or nanny service. I like to use Care.com for finding these types of jobs because you get a profile, you can add video and you can accept payment online.
  • Pick Up and/or Drop Off- You can take other people's children to and/or from school. You can find these type of jobs on Care.com
  • Make Crafts- You can make and sell homemade crafts. You can make these crafts and sell them to friends and family or at craft shows. You can also start a Etsy store. If you make and sell crafts online that might be more of a longer process for building a business because you will need to self promote your products with social media and that takes a long time to build a audience. But once your established your good to go!
  • Sell Used Books Online- I did this for awhile. I would go to book sales and used book stores and use a barcode scanner. I would scan the books to see what they are selling for online. I found a used book at my local library for $3.00 and sold it for $70! I was so excited. This one maybe good in your area or may not it just depends on how many other used book scouts are in your area. I started seeing a lot of competition in my area and felt I should move on but this may work great for you.
  • Get a Weekend or Night Job- You could be a waitress or find another evening or weekend job. Obviously, they will pay you soon after you start and keep paying you continuously. This type of job is good for steady income but its not as sustainable as starting your own business. You are still working for the man. ;) I'm kind of kidding. With this type of job it will bring you income as long as you leave your family to work for someone else. Kind of like slavery if you ask me but ... lots of people do it. I prefer to see women to start a small business of there own. The only down side to starting a business for yourself is that it takes alot of time and effort. Plus, you will probably not see any great amount of money for a year or two. But all good things come in time friends. If it was easy to start a business and be successful at it.. EVERYONE would have one, right? 

How Can a Mom Start a Small Business?

Now, lets talk about online entrepreneurship and creating small businesses. There are so many ways you can be a online entrepreneur. Let's talk about a few ways you can make money online as a stay at home mom. The following ways to make money are for long term gain and require a significant amount of time and effort. The path of starting a small business will take much more time to become sustainable income than they ways of making money I mentioned above. It takes a lot of brain power and patience to be successful at any of the following ways of making money.

 How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

How to Make Passive Income Online as a Mom

  • Digital Downloads- This is the first thing I want to mention because I love them! I love creating them and I truly enjoy buy other peoples digital downloads. So what are digital downloads and why is Jackie so crazy in love with them? Digital downloads can be created easily with a PC and using powerpoint or word type of document. I just got my first Apple laptop (with a homeschool discount) and now I need to figure out how to use the software on here to create digital downloads but I will persevere. Digital downloads are simple to make and you can sell them on your website or Teacher Pay Teacher store. Currently, we have our digital downloads on both this website and our Teacher Pay Teacher store. If you are just starting out and don't want to have a high over cost... you may want to sell only on Teacher Pay Teacher or Etsy because it cost $30 bucks a month to have a ecommerce website which means you can sell things on your website. Ouch! But the good side of digital downloads is that you make it once and can sell it FOREVER. Yep. Forever....... Things that are good take time, effort and patience. We are not making a ton of money with our digital downloads but we have made a little bit and honestly, thats all I needed to get excited about the potential! Plus, I feel so happy knowing I am helping people.
  • Write a Book- You can easily write and book and be a self published author. You could write a children's book and do your own art or hire someone else to do the art for you. You could write a motivational book for mom's, create a journal for mom's, write a cook book and take amazing mouth watering photos of your creations. Whatever you are passionate about could be your main topic. There are lots of low cost self-publishing services out there. I have looked into Lulu.com and Bookbaby.com. Both of these book printing services seem like a good choices to me. I had my curriculum books demo printed from Bookbaby.com and they can out AMAZING. They were just a bit out of our price range for what we were looking for so we had to pass but super high quality. 
  • Direct Sales- Who loves essential oils and all natural makeup? I do and so do a lot of other mom's. Direct sales can be a great option for women who want to sell things that they didn't personally have to create. Maybe writing and making things is totally not your style and selling is right up your alley. Direct sales maybe for you! I have seen several women become very successful with online selling. I had considered starting as a Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant because I had a friend from my childhood that had become very successful with the company (I am talking about pink Cadillac successful). But after I got involved in the company I found out that the product contained aluminum and other cancer causing compounds. Plus, they were super pushy about me buying inventory. Like they really wanted me to blow a couple grand on makeup so that I could resell it. Ummm...NO. So I had to return my small about of inventory and got like 30% of my money back. Bummer. I would not recommend Mary Kay. Nope.
  • Blog- You can start a blog like this one. You can write about things that you are passionate about and hope to connect with other women like yourself. You can start a free blog or a paid one. The free blog would be more of a hobby or practice blog but the paid type of website will give you more control over the domain name and that is a pretty big deal. My domain name is Homeschooling His Children it is also my brand name if you will. So to monetize a blog you can add affiliate links like products from Amazon that you like or include links to websites that you are interested in selling products from. If you want more information on affiliate programs do a google search for affiliate programs. I just want to let you know that affiliate programs from Amazon do not pay a lot so please tend to post a lot of product links to Amazon in hopes that just maybe someone will purchase something. I do not like doing a lot of affiliate links personally. I truly do not want people to get into more debt than they currently have and I can see people over buying with my affiliate links so I really try to minimize the affiliate links I use. My goal with my business if to always treat others how I could like to be treated. 
  • Create a Product- You can create a product to sell. You could make cute little cloth diapers for example or something special that other people are not already creating. You can make cute things and sell them on a website or on Etsy. This is a great option for people who like to work with their hands and creating things. You could also sell your creations at craft shows and in person too. Fun, right?
  • Photography- Oh, how many women do you know that are getting into photography? I sure know a lot! But it's a great option for women to make extra money for their families. You could take engagement, wedding, birth, family, school or graduation photos. You could also take photos of nature or high demand photos and sell them online. You could promote your business with social media and word of mouth. You could sell your nature photos and/or high demand photos on your website. 
  • Make a Movie- Are you great with a camera? Maybe you could record a movie and sell it to friends, family and people interested in this type of genera. You could create a documentary, travel, comedy, children's, or any other special interest movie. I have see women create movies about potty training, their faith, and canning (like pressure canning). So consider making a movie you self promoted movie star you. 
  • Sing a Song- Do you like to sing? Are you semi decent at singing? You could write and record your own songs. You could choose to write songs about things you are passionate about. Maybe your husband wants to be involved? I tried to pass this idea onto Michael but he shot it down. BOOM. And... my idea was dead...But hey, maybe you have a lovely voice and a musically talented husband.
  • Podcast- What am I doing right now? I am podcasting. Ya it is pretty fun and I get to talk about things I am passionate about. Hey, I get to talk about whatever I want .... Hmmm... next podcast is about boogers and poopie. Ok... I am totally joking but I am in control I can talk about whatever I want. TURDS. Sorry, I can't help myself.. the freedom is just too much for me to handle responsibly sometimes. To monetize your podcast you can look for a sponsor or you can promote your own product and services. Just don't be too much of a sales women. No one likes to be sold to. Seriously, NO ONE! Keep your commercials short or you'll seem fake and loose your audience. I will follow women who sale things as long as they do it tastefully but if I get the vibe that they only want to sell to me then we are not going to be friends anymore. Sorry girlfriend.
  • Create a Service Based Business Online- Do you like to talk to people on the phone? Maybe you would be great at offering emotional support to people in need for a small fee. Do you know a skill such as creating a website or using a camera properly? Maybe you could create a service based business around your skill. Maybe you could teach classes online. As a mom maybe you are good at cooking. Could you teach cooking classes online? Sure you could if you are passionate about cooking. 
  • Become a Popular YouTuber- Hey... movie star status. We love watching YouTube. We do not watch TV for entertainment anymore. We have a smart TV and watch our favorite YouTube channels during the evening when we are calming down getting ready for bed. We are in the process of creating a new YouTube channel about our journey from city life to country life. When it is ready I will definitely let you know about it. We are also going to start working on our brand name YouTube channel Homeschooling His Children. If you want to stay connect to us please consider subscribing to our Homeschooling His Children YouTube channel. We just got a super nice camera/video recorder so good stuff will be coming soon on that channel.
  • Start a Online Women's Bible Study- Are you passionate about your beliefs? Do you want to help other women feel happy and fulfilled? Starting a women's bible study online might be a good option for you.
  • Baking Goods- Are you a wizard in the kitchen? Can you make amazing special baked goods? If you have a unique baking idea and can make awesome yummy treats maybe creating and selling those baked goods online, craft shows, or fairs might be a good option for you to earn some extra cash for your family. Starting a online or small store bakery could be a way to get quick cash or a long term business it just depends on how you treat it. 
  • Start a Organic Farm- This is what we are doing but this takes a lot of time. Starting a farm takes a great deal of time and financial resources. It takes time to plant trees, build barns and other needed buildings. It takes strength and lots of energy to start a farm. This is a good option for a family who loves living off the land and would do anything to be together. Speaking of doing anything to be together my family and I will probably live off grid for awhile. And friends living off grid takes a certain level of grit. I mean not just any person can use a outhouse. 

Final Thoughts

There are probably some other awesome ways to make money online for stay at home moms but these were all the ideas I could come up with for now. I hope you found this information helpful and motivational. If you are currently earning extra money for your family good for you! I am so proud of you.

I wish I was currently earning more money for my family. But like I mentioned above all good things come in time. I just got to keep my head in the game and not give up. I pray all for you to not give up on our dreams and stay strong friend. Do whatever makes you happy and then find a way to make a living at it!

You make me happy. Good job to all of you mommies. For the mommies that don't need to work ( I would be lying if I said I am not envious). But even if you don't need money for a living maybe you could just have a hobby that helps bring your family some extra cash. We all can benefit from earning some extra money because it makes us feel special and important. Good things come in time...eventually you will see progress and reward. 

God bless you all!

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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