11-8-17 What do you want out of life?




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What do you want out of life?

Today I get to talk to you about achieving the life of your dreams. I want to help you start creating a plan to reach your goals and create a purposeful life. Do you know what life you want to live? Let's talk about goals, dreams, and winning at life.

 How do I figure out what I want out of life?

How do I figure out what I want out of life?

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Happy Friday! Yay! It's Friday! TGIF

Hi friends! Happy Friday Morning!! We made it through another week of homeschooling and/or taking care of our kids! Good job ladies! I hope you had a great week! So today we are going to be talking about life goals. What is it that you want out of life? More stuff? Bigger house? Or do you want something more meaningful? Let's talk about that today.

Life Goals

What goals do you have? Are they materialistic goals like I want more... more.. more..more. Or do you have goals of a better future with your family? Do you want the ability to spend more quality time with your children and husband? Do you want to have the flexibility to earn money from home so that your husband doesn't have to leave the family each day? Having good morals and healthy goals is important for your future success. If your goals are only around materialist things it will be hard for you to find the motivation to achieve them. 

Short Term Goals Verse Long Term Goals

So when you writing down your goals you will have both short term goals and long term goals. Short term goals will involve you getting things done quickly to make small steps towards achieving bigger long term goals. I like to journal my thoughts when thinking about short term goals and long term.

Writing Goals Down

 Homeschool Mom Encouragement

Homeschool Mom Encouragement

I recently heard that people are far more likely to achieve their goals when writing them down. I actually have to writing things down so that I can clear the space. When I write down my thoughts it helps me to let go of those thoughts. You can think about things all day but until you actually write them down, they will always exisit as just thoughts (day dreams). 

As a mom blogger I have to write my thoughts down. I write thoughts about blog and podcast ideas because if I don't I might loose the idea forever. Stay at home moms are busy.. busy.. busy! We usually have a ton of things to do at all times, therefore writing your thoughts could be very benificial to your over all being.

Keeping Notes For Mom Bloggers, Mom YouTube, Social Media Mom, Mom Podcast

If you are a mom blogger like myself keep notes for blog posts and SEO can really benefit your over all content creation.  I am still learning how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and incorporate that into my blog, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts. One thing that I need to get better at is finding keywords to target. I am really just writing about things that I think stay at home moms are interested in. BUT.. what I should be doing is keyword research. Google offers awesome resources to us so that we can find keywords to use for our targeting audience. For example, some keywords I use are homeschool, homeschooling mom, kindergarten, preschool, Homeschooling His Children, and stay at home mom.

Click Here to Check Out Google's Key Word Planner

Keyword Research (Specifically to Online Mom Entrepreneurs) 

I wish I was better at keyword research but I am sadly not right now. As a online entrepreneur mom I have lot of things that I have to do. I need to learn a lot of new skills. As a content creator we have to navigate the new world of websites, coding, podcasting, saving files, creating files,  uploading videos, using social media, networking with other content creators, doing collaborations with other people, monetizing your work, affiliate programs and much much more! So as a online content creator I have to choose my battles. I have not own a victorious battle over the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or keyword research. Some women that are better at SEO than I am keep SEO journals. They keep little cute books of all the keywords that they want to target. For example, a women who talking about working out may target the words "fit mom", "workouts for stay at home moms", "mom workouts" and "how to workout at home with kids".

Making Concrete Goals 

Goals need to be writing down. So figure out what it is that you want in life and then make a plan of action to reach those goals. Keep in mind that materialistic things like a new car or new clothes will only temporarly give you enjoyment. Bigger goals like living in the country with my family will be a bigger longer lasting goal.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What makes me happy?
  • What do I want to do for the rest of my life?
  • What do I do currently that I love? Can I do more of that somehow? 
  • What do I not like doing? How can I set up my life so that I can take that out of my life?
  • What future do I want my children and grandchildren to have? 
  • Can I visualize my dream life? What does it look like? Where would we live? What would we do each day. You could even draw a picture of your dream life in your journal.
  • What type of life do I want my children to live each day?
  • What type of food will we eat? 
  • What type of clothes will we wear?
  • How will we afford this life style?
  • Where do I want my kids to go to school? Do I want to homeschool or send them to school? If you are not homeschooling you may want to ask yourself if you want your kids to go to public school or private school. 
  • If you choose to homeschool your kids, what would a ideal day of homeschooling look like? What field trips would you want your children to experience? What lessons would you want your children to learn? Do you want to focus on reading, writing and math or a different subject? Would you want your children to get tutoring or attend special classes?

Journaling For Moms

My mom was a BIG journal keeper. She has thousands of pages of her notes that she has kept over the years. She keeps her thoughts. Whereas I tend to use journaling as a brain dump. I unload all my thoughts onto paper and then move on. I don't like to keep clutter in my house or my head so journaling is the prefect solution for cleaning house up stairs in my big head. Yay... theres no denying it I have a big ego. Must be the only child snooty pants. Whatever.

So journaling is awesome for me and for you! You can unleash all those thoughts suck in your head that NEED to come out. You can keep your journals or toss them like I do. You can keep notes, thoughts, ideas, and anything else that you want to write down in your journal. You can keep a couple different journals.

This Girl Has 3 Journals

 Journaling for Moms

Journaling for Moms

The first type of journal I use most frequently is my brain dumping journal. Here I list ideas I have. I write down math, budgeting, notes, etc. This is just a composition journal that I picked up at Target during the back to school sale. I picked up quite a few because I do brain dumping A LOT!  So that is my most heavily used journal.

My next journal is a pretty little pink journal with a golden bow on the front. This journal houses my internet passwords and other important notes. This journal also houses my keywords that I want to target, for example, stay at home mom or homeschool mom. I like to keep my keywords in a special pretty journal of their own because this journal is more of a long term journal. I plan on keeping this one for a long time because it has such important information locked up inside. 

There is actually a third journal that I use or at least should be using.. but I am not. I need to get into this journal more. The journal I am talking about here is a blogging journal. This journal of mine is just a spiral notebook. You know the kind that are like 10 cents during the back to school sales? I really wish I had invested in a beautiful journal for this one because it is pretty important. This journal is for all the creative blog, podcasts, social media, or YouTube video ideas that you have. This journal should include some keywords that you want to target as well. 

I will post some pictures of this journal soon. Maybe I'll get a prettier one and convert it into this bonus blogging journal. So let's start talking about my blogging journal. This journal has 7 tabs or sections to it. I simply attached sticky notes with shipping tape. But like I said I would have made this one prettier if I were to do it again.

So here are my sections to my blogging journal:

  1. My Favorite Words- These are my favorite words to use in natural conversation. For example, I use the word "awesome" a lot. Everything is awesome. I will attach a the lego movie AWESOME song at the end of this blog/podcast notes.
  2. Keywords- Next section is my keyword section. These are keywords that I want to target.
  3. Stories From My Life- The next section is for you to write some of your favorite stories from your life. Like those stories from your childhood that you will NEVER forget. Yea.. I've got a ton of those. Like when my best friend and I were driving waaaay to fast (like we usually did) around a corner and my car was literally on two wheels. 
  4. Stuff I Hate- Does that include people? No. Well...I suppose it could. But I am talking about things that you don't like. Not a fan of peas? That would go into this section. Maybe you even have a funny story about a time when your mom made you eat peas but you secretly snuck them underneath your plate so she wouldn't find them. Does that story sound familiar mom? 
  5. Details I want to remember- This section is not made for brain dumping. This section is for details of things that you will need to remember for a long time. For example, how to convert a audio track into a podcast. 
  6. Blog Topic Ideas- Here you go. This is finally into some meaty blogging information. Here you will write down ideas you have for blog, podcast, YouTube videos or whatever it is that you are creating content for. For example I wrote "How to be a greater influence on your children". Because we could all use that information right?
  7. Attention Grabbing Headlines- This section is for you to record blog topic that have grabbed your attention. You can also record any headliners on the news, magazines, or anywhere else that grabbed your attention. Obviously, they knew what they were doing when they got your attention, right? So why not record the headliners that worked on you. 

Check Out This Journal I Really Really Want! Drool Worthy...

Final Thoughts

 Journaling for Moms

Journaling for Moms

Keep journals is so good for you. You NEED to get those thoughts out so that you can refill your head with more goodness. Just like we need to clean our bedrooms and bathrooms we also need to clean the clutter out of our noggins. I hope you found this blog and podcast informational in inspirational. I also hope you have a AMAZING weekend because YOU are amazing! 

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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