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 How to Make Money Homesteading

How to Make Money Homesteading

Do you ever dream of living in the country and living off the land with your family. We sure think about homesteading! That is why we are planning on selling our home and buying a small farm. But first we need to figure out how to make money homesteading.

We are still debating whether to buy just land or land with a small home. We are also not sure where we should move. Currently, we live in Arizona where it is really hot (all the time)! We know we want to move North but we are not sure how far North to go. Northern Arizona is nice but expensive and a lot of the land has issues with getting water from a well.We considered using a water truck to haul our water but its just not disable with having a small farm where we need to water our gardens, give our animals water and we like to have a shower once in a while.  ;)

We like looking at land and smaller homes on Zillow.com or Realtor.com. I recently put Realtor.com's app on my phone recently so we have been having fun looking at small farms on there. One state that I think is gorgeous is Wisconsin. My grandma was raised there as a child. She lived on a daily farm where she helped her aunt and uncle with their farm. She would help in the country store where they sold milk, butter and eggs. 

When I think of my grandma's stories I feel happy and would love to live a simple life like that. But how does a person become a farmer? I wish I knew all the answers to that question! But I am still learning myself. One great place to find answers about starting a farm are:

We are currently working on a checklist we picked up for free on the United States Department of Agriculture for New Farmers. This check list can help you figure our how to make money homesteading.

Click here to see the checklist we are using and the first steps to farming from the USDA New Farmers Page

Currently, we are still in the planning phase of our farm enterprise. We are also in the process of securing a farm business location(s).We are raising money for us to buy the land and possibly a small fixer upper home. We are packing boxes each day so we can be prepared to move ASAP as soon as we sell our home. Everyday I am cleaning, packing and fixing up my current home. 

Michael and I are also starting the farm planning stage. 

  • Complete farm planning process(production, marketing, and financial plans).

We are crunching numbers and considering our market of what we will produce from our farm. 

Options we are considering 

  • Raising Cows for Meat (Grass Fed- Free Range Beef)
  • Growing Fruits and Canning Jellies
  • Making Soaps and Selling Them
  • Providing People With Fruit From our Trees
  • Sale Baby Animals (Baby Chicks, Baby Cows, Pure Breed Puppies)
  • Selling Dairy Products (Milk, Butter, Cream, Cheese)

We will also have our own personal chickens for eggs and meat. But we keep hearing that there is not a lot of money to be made with raising free range chickens. I have heard it is a lot of work to butcher them as well as feed them.

The next thing to consider when thinking about how to make money homesteading is your market. Do you live in a place with farmers markets or do you have to drive to these types of events. You will need to let people know what you have to offer so you will have to be active on social media and possibly start a website. 

Note: A lot of farmers with create a free website on blogger.com

You can do all your social media outreaches for free by using:

We focus on Google + and YouTube because it Google owns it we want to participate in it for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We also enjoy Pinterest and Instagram. Each person is different and each business is unique so your audience may be on a different social media platform. But those are the social media platforms we are on most frequently.

We are also working on our financial plan for our homestead. We want to farm debt free so that is why it is taking us years to get to this point in our lives. Owning land in the country has been a dream of ours for years but we are now at the point to make actionable steps to achieving this dream. 

When you are working on your financial plan for success you will need to consider a few things. 

  • Monthly Cost of Living -How much money will it take for your family to live on the farm each month? (Rent (if it applies), Utilities (if it applies), Supplementary Food, Gas (Home/Vehicles), Propane, Vehicle Insurance, Cell Phone/Internet, Monthly Business Costs, Student Loans(if it applies), Health Insurance (You can get Marketplace insurance for a really good deal if not free). Here is a link to the United States Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Also Consider: Yearly Taxes on Land and Vehicle Registration 

Now, you calculate all your monthly costs for living. After you get your total for your monthly living expenses you can get an idea of how much money you will need per month to live on your homestead. If you have a online business the income you create can go into your savings account while you are building up for homestead. 

If you want your homestead to pay for itself.  You will need to figure out how much money you need to raise per month and/or per year to off set the costs of the homestead. Our goal is to have our homestead pay for itself and our online businesses help us feel more financially secure. As a homesteader or small farmer you will need to be frugal with your money and spend it wisely.

So when you are considering how much you will make on your homestead you need to research what it costs to produce the item(meat, fruit, eggs, ect) and how much you can sell it for. 

Product- Production = Profit

If you are considering raising grass fed beef you will need to find the cost per cow, feed for cow, butchering costs(if it applies) and then profit per cow.

We also have two online business to help us feel more secure with leaving the city where we were born and raised. Our first business is a digital download business where we create digital products people can purchase on our online store. We also sell digital teaching and home school products on TPT (Teacher Pay Teacher Store). 

You can Check Out Our Teacher Pay Teacher Store Here

We will also be starting a Mary Kay makeup business in October. We choose the Mary Kay business opportunity because the commission is so high! We make up to 50% commission on most sale. So if you would like to stat a direct sales business that can help you reach your dreams and goals I would love to get you on my team! I look for women who love passion and dreams. I am currently saving up for my business supplies so that I can start in October. If you would like to talk to me before I officially announce my business plans please feel free to contact me anytime. My contact information is at the bottom of our website :) You can call or text me!

I highly suggest people who would like to make money from homesteading to find a side business or two that they can do while farming. Having online income gives us hope and security with our homestead ventures. As a farmer we do not want to put all of our eggs in on basket ;)

I hope you found this homestead article helpful, motivational or at least entertaining. Please leave us a comment below on how you are planning a homestead, debt free life, or living the life you love.

God bless you all!

Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar

 How to Make Money Homesteading

How to Make Money Homesteading