How to Eat Healthy as a Family




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Michael and Jackie Bigar

How to Eat Healthy as a Family

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 Homesteading and Homemaking Podcast

Homesteading and Homemaking Podcast

What is clean eating?

Cleaning eating is the new big thing. Everyone wants to eat clean food but do we even know what clean food is? Do we have to wash our food a couple more times before eating it? No, that's not it! We need to know what clean food is so that we can choose those foods over the dirty foods.

Clean eating is about choosing foods that are free of chemicals, preservatives, food coloring, and foods that are harder to digest. While your at it you may want to choose foods that are low in sugar as well. Basically, you want to eat as naturally as possible. If you could eat like your great grandmother ate you will be on the right track.

Reduce Sugar

You will want to limit the sugar intake you have because refinded bleached sugar is simply not good for your body. Sugar actually feeds cancer. Plus, sugar is not good for your skin or a pretty body. 

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What do you do if you enjoy sweet foods? 

We enjoy sweet foods alot! We use natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syurp. When I am cooking from scratch with I do most often I will subsitute honey or maple syurup in place of sugar. We will also use coconut sugar when we have it on hand.

 Drink Water

Drink Water

Why is eating organic food important?

Eating organic is important because it is not only good for you but also the environment! Does it seem right to eat bug poisin? No.. it's not good for you or the community that it is being released on. 

Why is eating processed food bad for you?

You may be wondering if processed foods are bad for you to consume. The answer for that is YES! Just think about it. Would it be better for you to eat foods that have all the nutrients and vitamines taken out? Then, some machine puts in salt and sugar to make the food taste good. Don't forget about the preservatives in the food to make it last longer. Hmmm... that doesn't seem like a good idea to me!

Is bread bad for you?

I do not think bread is bad for you. I do think that processed bread is bad for you and most of the bread that you find in the store will be processed garbage. I think that if you make your own homemade bread while whole organic wheat you will be making a good decision. 

Wrap Up

I hope you found this podcast inspirational and that you start making some better decitions when choosing which foods to eat. We can all make better choices with the foods we are eating. Tehre are so many bad foods out there and they are so glamorized with advertisments that we need support to make the right choices. Eat well friends! Talk to you next week.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

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