How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator




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How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator

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Homeschooling His Children Podcast

Season 1 Episode 23

Roles and Responsibilities of Content Creators

The roles and responsibilities of content creators are almost endless! As a content creator you will have to be fun, creative,  as well as have knowledge of online content strategy and creation. You will also need to brush up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills. Learning to do research in a quick and effective manner is also key to creating high quality content. Did I even mention that you have to be able to write in a clear, attractive way that shows your personality? Man, oh, man, that is a lot of things to think about as a content creator. Right? I sure think so.

 How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator

How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator

How to Start Getting Organized?

Where do you begin you may be asking yourself. There are so many effective ways of staying organized and I am here today to let you know what I do to stay organized. We all have a million of tasks that we could be preforming each day. But you will need to choose which tasks are the most important and then devise a plan on how to accomplish those goals so that you can produce high quality content. 

 How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator

How to Stay Organized as a Content Creator

Brain Dumping

If I could lay out all my thoughts out on a table and organize them I could be much more effective and accomplishing some of my goals. Hmmm... is there a way to do that? Yes. Although you can not physically take all your thoughts out of your head you can mentally get them out of your invisible head space and get them onto something more concrete with ink and paper. This way you can  organize your thoughts into different levels of importance. This will help you do so much more productive work and do it in a much more effect and efficient manner. 

What do you do after you have made a brain dump?

So you made a big dump? I am talking about a brain dump not then dump you take in the potty. Now what do you do? You've got all your thoughts laid out in front of you on that little white piece of paper. Then time is now to start organizing. Yep. Organize those wonderful and maybe not so wonderful thoughts into categories and levels of importance. As a creative person you may have all sorts of ideas on how you want to organize your thoughts. Go for it friend! You can write these thoughts in any way that you find pleasing and with any organizing strategy that you find effective. The goal is to simply get the thoughts out of your head. This will create more brain space. 

Example Brain Dump

  • Create a podcast/ blog post for Tuesday morning.
  • Figure out what I am making for dinner.
  • Prep dinner ahead of time.
  • Do I have all the groceries needed on hand?
  • What bills do I have to pay?
  • Do I have stamps?
  • Look over the reading lesson I want to teach tomorrow. 
  • Get any matterials ready for tomorrows homeschool lessons. 
  • Did I put away the laundry yet? If not do so.
  • Make a trip to Goodwill to donate somethings.
  • Send Michael a sweet message in the middle of the afternoon to let him know I am thinking about him.
  • Print the Young Living starter papers that I recieved yesterday. 
  • Start doing Young Living University.
  • Continue writing the reading program that I plan on self publishing! SUPER HIGH PRIORITY. Goal: Finish writing reading program in four weeks and begin editing it AGAIN! 

MAN OH MAN! That seriously felt so good to get those thoughts out. And by doing so I was able to see that one of the last things on my list was actually the most important. That means that I need to do some prioritizing! 

Note: I wrote this brain dump Monday evening. Today is Tuesday morning at 5:20 AM. I wrote up at 4:30 AM this morning ready to finish up this podcast script/blog post. I seriously contribute my willingness to wake up and get started on this writing project because I made a dump (brain dump) yesterday evening! 

Create Content People Actually Will Read or Watch

Well... well.. well.. I guess I will throw this concept out there since we are talking about content creation. As a content creator our role is to create compelling content that people are actually looking for. You may be asking yourself "Jackie, that's a nice idea but how the heck am I suppose to know what people are looking for." Well, friend, you can do some research. So if you want to write a blog post or create a YouTube video about organization as a content creator. You can start searching on good ol Google. Simply start typing in the words that you are interesting in creating content for and then you will eventually find the perfect key phrase for your article or video. There are a ton of rules and skills that I personally still need to learn about choosing the write keywords based on how much content is already created for that specific topic but I am here this morning to give you a brief message about how SEO works. I personally need to learn A LOT more about SEO but I am so focused on getting my reading program writing and published that I will work on my SEO in a few months.  

I so often see people try to hard to make a good YouTube video and they get like 10 views (which a lot of my videos do not get lot of views) and I completely contribute that that not doing enough research up front. I never checked to see what people were searching for on YouTube. So my personal plan is to start doing more research before I make anymore YouTube videos. 

 Create Content People Actually Will Read

Create Content People Actually Will Read

Here is Our Current YouTube Channel

We currently have 71 subscribers on there. A lot of which are family and friends. But I believe that if we put energy and focus onto creating high quality videos that people are actually searching for we will win the game! Whoooo hoooo as Josh The Stoney Ridge Farmer would say. 

Here is Our Brand YouTube Channel

As of today I have 2 subscribers on there. I know that I personally am one of the subscribers. Is it embarrassing? Not really. I have learned that YouTube success comes from EFFORT. I have not but enough time or energy into either of our channels to make them successful. I have not focused enough energy into finding out what people are looking for on YouTube to make any truly successful videos. My wonderful hubby, Michael, and I do plan on producing many high quality videos in the future but as of right now I am focusing on pursing my reading program. I am so ready to get that project DONE!

How to be a Successful Content Creator?

To be a successful content creator you will need to figure out what you love to do and then focus on that! Do you love to teach, entertain or inspire people? Maybe you love to teach people how to play a musical instrument. You can teach others to play that instrument. You could even create a self published book or a eBook about how to play that instrument. Do you like to do preschool activities with your kids? Maybe you could create digital downloads on Teacher Pay Teacher of those activities.

Here is a link to my TPT Store

Homeschooling His Children TPT Store

Jackie's Passion

I am passionate about teaching parents how to teach their children to read. Whether that is a homeschool mom teaching her preschooler or kindergartner to read or a traditional teacher in a private or public school setting. I love teaching others how to teach reading. I've see great success in my own child's ability to read and I want to help other parents to teach this vital skill as well. Reading is so important because if you didn't know how to read we could not be communicating right now. Right?!

 How I teach My Child to Read

How I teach My Child to Read

I am also passionate about helping families create income so that they can live the life of their dreams! My family and I have a special opportunity right now to make so positive life changes and I want to help other families make some great improvments in their lives as well. I recently signed up to be a Young Living Distributer and I plan on making this a positive addition to our business model. 

I just want to let you all know that I will be completely honest with you all about my business and what I plan on doing with my business. I also promise to be as helpful with any of you who choose to go into business with me. I plan on growing our Young Living team to 1000's. So if you want to make some positive life changes with me please consider joining my team. This is a excellent opportunity for you since I am just starting and can offer more support to my team as we grow together. 

Let's Do This Together!

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Wrap Up

Whatever life you want to live and can achieve it! If you are a content creator and expanding your business you can do that by being more organized. Do your dumps (brain dump that is) as often as you can. Get the head space you need to do that things that you want to do. Be successful. I know you can do it! Have a great day friend.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Bigar

Homeschooling His Children

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