Gun Safety on Farms and at Home




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Gun Safety on Farms and at Home

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Season 1 Episode 25

Homestead Weapons

 Gun Safety on Farms

Gun Safety on Farms

As a homesteader we want to protect our family and farm. Having tools to protect your loved ones and safety on the homestead is important. It is also very important to gain knowledge about gun safety if you own or plan on owning a firearm. 

My grandfather went to sniper school and became a hunter after the war. My dad remembers going hunting and shooting as a kid. Although I didn't go shooting with my dad much growing up, I did develop a passion for guns. I have been shooting several times in my life. One of those times I almost got my head blown off. WHAT?! Yes. I was out in the desert shooting with my in laws and people to the side of us in covered bush didn't know we where there. I literally hear bullets buzzing by my head.. Puuuuooo. Scary stuff right. 

So almost having a bullet going through my head gave me a passion for wanting to learn more gun safety and teaching others about gun safety. My perspective is that if anyone (including crazy people that shoot people in movie theaters) can own a gun, maybe I should have the same protection. Because friends guns do not kill people. People kill people. Right?! Yep.

Gun Safety on Farms

 Gun Safety on Farms

Gun Safety on Farms

Learning how guns work and how to use them safely is so important for you to protect your family. I found a great website here that show the different handgun calibers. They show the different size bullets that go with the various handguns.

Click here to see various size bullets.

The NRA has some awesome gun safety information on their website. I believe they also hold classes and other events. First, they say to always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Next, always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Lastly, always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use. 

The NRA also mentions these IMPORTANT standards for safe gun handling!

Here is the article I found about gun safety from the NRA.

  • Know where your target is and what is behind it. Those guys shooting in the desert could have easily killed my family and I. Most of us had ear plugs in so not everyone would have heard the sound of wizzing bullets. Know where you are shooting and what is behind it!!!!
  • Know how to use a gun safely. It is important to understand how the mechanical parts of the gun works. How do you open the gun? How do you load a gun? How do you lock the gun with a safety? All those questions are important and as a gun owner you should know how to answer them.
  • Make sure your gun is safe to operate. I thought this was really interesting. They suggested that guns are like any other tool and in order to keep it functioning properly you need to keep them clean and maintained. I actually didn't even know guns needed to be cleaned. My dad is taking me out shooting this afternoon and I know he had to clean the gun before we could go out shooting.
  • How to clean a gun. Keeping your gun clean will help you make your gun last longer as well as operate safely. Here is a good video about how to clean a gun. NOTE: Make sure the gun in unloaded before starting your cleaning process.
  • Only use the correct ammunition. I thought this standards was really interesting. When I think about it, ever time that I have been shooting it was with someone who loaded my gun for me. I have never loaded a gun personally. NRA said that many guns will say what type of ammunition to use on the barrel of the gun. Good to know! Here is a video about loading a handgun.
  • Wear Eye and Ear Protection. Guns are load and can cause hearing loss. We all want to be able to hear right? Especially if bullets are whizzing by. Also eye protection is important since guns can release hot gases as well as dirt and junk.
  • Obviously going shooting while drinking is a bad idea. Stay safe and do not consume drugs or alcohol while shooting. Don't be dumb.
  • Lock up your guns if your a homesteaders with kids. People with small children should be especially careful about where they keep their guns and the gun supplies. Kids see lots of shooting on TV and think it is just a fun game. Guns are a seriously dangerous thing. I remember a child in 5th grade died because they had access to a gun and were playing shooting with it. The one boy shot his friend and killed him.

Gun Safety at Home

Whether you are a homesteader, farmer or homemaker, you will want to have some basic knowledge of guns and gun safety. More people will become safer if they know how guns work and how to store them properly. We have little children so gun safety is SUPER important. We do feel safer knowing we have a gun at home and that it is properly stored away. I am so grateful that my dad took me shooting last Friday. That was the first time I actually loaded a gun on my own. I've been shooting several times before that by the guys always handed me a loaded gun. My dad had me load it, unload (fun), take out the shells and also taught me how to use the safety feature. If you have a gun at home, please learn the mechanics about it and the safest way to store your gun and ammunition.

Homestead YouTube Families With Guns

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Wrap Up

 Gun Safety on Farms

Gun Safety on Farms

I went shooting with my dad and had a great time learning about gun safety, how to load a gun and shoot. I definitely recommend that you find someone more experienced with guns to show you how they operate before you get your own. I hope you enjoyed this podcast about guns and gun safety. Having a handgun on your farm will give you some feelings of control and comfort. Just make sure you know how that guns works, gun safety and locking up your gun from small children or unauthorized people. I hope you all have a fantastic week! See ya next Tuesday. Bye....