What is homesteading?




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What is Homesteading?

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Season 1 Episode 22

 What is a homestead?

What is a homestead?

What is a homestead?

A homestead is house that is considered a farm house. This house is where you live while you are homesteading. Your homestead is where you raise animals, grow your own food and build your own buildings. 

 What is a homestead?

What is a homestead?

What is homesteading?

The goal for homesteading is to be as self sufficient as possible. As a homesteader you will want to use as little outside resources as possible. Homesteading involves growing your own food and preserving that food. You may want to have farm animals and a large garden to supply food for you and your family.

As a homesteading family you will also want to build and maintain your buildings yourself. Homesteading is all about saving money and being resourceful. So always ask yourself "Can I fix this myself?". Just like our grandparents did not use credit cards, homestead families are usually living a debt free life as well.

The definition of Homesteading has come and gone. Now, we are becoming more familiar with the term homesteading but it has changed since the times have changed. Here is a cool graph google provided that shows how often the term homesteading was used in books over the last 100 + years.  The graph peaks around the 1900's because that is when America was being established and land was being given away for free if people were willing to develop this underdeveloped and sometimes dangerous land.

 What is homesteading?

What is homesteading?

What is modern homesteading?

Homesteading today is different than homesteading was in the 1900's. Now, people have the choice of using fossil fuels to sustain life or to find their own energy sources themselves such as wood to make fire for cooking and heating their home. Homesteading today is different in so many ways because even as homesteaders we feel like we need to keep up with the mountain man next door. 

Here is a list of how modern homesteading is different:

  • Homesteaders can work online as well as maintain their homestead. The internet has unless possibilities for making a income while living where you want. This has enabled many people living in rural areas to work online while living in places without jobs. 
  • You have the choice to use modern appliances and luxuries or not. This comes back down to if you want to use fossil fuels or not. Some homesteaders will use renewable resources like solar or wind to generate power for themselves but these types of energy can be expensive. For debt free homesteaders having renewable energy may not be feasible.
  • Typically, modern homesteaders are not given land and if they are offered dirt cheap land or free land it may not be desirable land. Therefore, debt free homesteaders will often sell off everything they own to start their homestead debt free. 
  • Modern homesteaders are often coming from the city to the country and they have little to no experience with livestock or gardening.
 What is modern homesteading?

What is modern homesteading?

Example of the Homestead Act

Here is a really cool article provided by History.com about the history of the homestead act. It is no longer in effect but it is important for all homesteaders to know what homesteading was originally in American because it has no morphed into "modern homesteading". We can not know where we are if we do not know where we came from.

Check out this article about the history of homesteading in America. 

 Homesteading in America

Homesteading in America

Modern Homestead

Here is a great website by a Wyoming women who writes about modern homesteading. Here is a article she wrote about modern homesteading. This articles includes a list of 121 skills modern homesteaders need to acquire. 

Click here to visit The Prairie Homestead

Example of a Modern Homesteader

One of our favorite homestead channels on YouTube is Fouch Family Off Grid. The Fouch family is one of our favorite YouTube channels because we can relate to them the most. They came from the city to homestead in Northern Idaho. They have three children which they homeschooled until recently putting them into a public school near their home. 

Nick Fouch was a carpenter and cabinet craftsman before taking his family to the forest to homestead. His wife Esther Fouch is a self published author who wrote What Falls From the Sky. I have not personally read this book yet but I do plan on purchasing it and reading it.

Our Top 10 List of Homestead Channels for 2017 

We have a smart TV and instead of watching TV in the evening we watch YouTube. These people have been soon inspirational to us and we greatly appreciate the work they are doing on YouTube. We love the overall message of living on less and living better. 

  1. Fouch Family Off Grid
  2. Off Grid with Doug and Stacey
  3. Grass Fed Homestead
  4. Stoney Ridge Farmer
  5. Justin Rhodes
  6. My Self Reliance
  7. Swedish Homestead
  8. Pure Living For Life
  9. Forest to Farm
  10. ABC Acres

Homestead Channels on YouTube for 2018

We are super excited to start watching some new homesteaders on YouTube. Here is a list of some of the new homestead channels we plan on watching in 2018. 

Top 10 Homesteading Videos of 2017

Jake and Becky from White House on a Hill did a great job putting together this best of 2017 homesteading videos. We really enjoyed this video and are so glad to have some new homesteading channels to watch. Thanks Jake!

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed learning about homesteading and what it is. I love the idea of living on less and living a more fulfilling life. Homesteading helps us all get back to nature and live off the land like we where intended to do. If you have any questions or comments for us please leave us a comment here. Have a awesome day and a great week.

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