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How Does Health Affect Happiness 

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Homeschooling His Children Podcast

Season 1 Episode 29

How Does Health Affect Happiness

How Does Health Affect Happiness

In today's podcast we get the opportunity to hear Giselle  Balbino talk about how health affects our overall happiness. Giselle is a wellness coach who provides a personal coaching experience to help women reach their best potential! Giselle also teaching health and happiness wellness with a Christian perspective. So how does our health affect our happiness. When we eat whole foods that are provided to use by the grace of God we feel fueled. We need naturally according vitamin and nutrients to stay energized and full of life.

Holistic Grace

Giselle Balbino tell us her story about how she used food to heal her from the inside out! She had experienced several health problems including brain frog, chronic pain, PMS, headaches, gum inflammation, and gal batter issues. Giselle tells us how her clean eating diet has changed her life for the better. She decided to not live in survival mode any longer and changed her diet. She decided to start treating her body better with nourishing whole foods. She found out that the food she put into her body was affecting her mood and overall happiness. You can visit her website Holistic Grace here.

 Not enough serotonin produced in the gut may cause depression.

Not enough serotonin produced in the gut may cause depression.

Serotonin in The Gut & Depression

I was truly surprised went Giselle said that serotonin the feel good hormone was produced in the intentional tract! I did a little research to further my knowledge on what that meant. According to Body Ecology "In fact, 90% of the serotonin produced in the body is found in the gut, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating appetite, mood, sleep, and relaxation." I thought that was so fascinating! They also mentioned that chronic depression can be caused by not having enough beneficial bacteria in the gut. This was truly life changing information. I also struggle with bouts of depression and server anxiety. Having the knowledge that the food I am consuming is changing my mood felt to relieving! 

Foods that Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Let's talk about the foods that reduce anxiety and depression. We know know that food affects our mood and happiness. So which foods should we be consuming to reduce anxiety and depression?

  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids- These healthy fat foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Eat plenty of Fish (low in mercury is the best option), flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, pastured eggs, meats from grass-fed animals, grass-fed dairy products, hemp seeds, as well as some vegetables like spinach, and brussel sprouts. Currently, we are not consuming enough omega 3 fatty acids from the foods we are eating so we supplement our bodies with omega rich vitamins. I use OmegaGize3 from Young Living. If you want to become a Young Living member and get your own bottle of Omega rich goodness click here!
  2. Probiotics for Depression- Here are some food that are full of probiotics that will make you and your gut full of happiness. Kefir, and Cultured Vegetables (Sauerkraut and Kimchi) Note: Off- Grid with Doug and Stacy talk about gut health often! Click on their name highlighted in blue to watch one of their videos. Also kombucha, coconut kefir, raw cheese, raw milk, and miso soup. Here is a link to Dr. Axe who talks more about probiotic foods.
  3. Water- Drink plenty of water to keep all the good stuff in your body and flush all the bad things away!
  4. Load Up On Antioxidants- Here is a list of antioxident rich foods from Dr.Axe. 
  • Goji Berries
  • Wild Blueberries
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pecans 
  • Arichoke
  • Elderberries
  • Kidney Beans
  • Cranberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cilantro

5. Herbal Teas- We all love a warm cup of tea with a drop of local honey right? Well not only does it make you feel are warm inside but it is also good for you body. Some great teas to try are peppermint, chamomile, lemon peel, passion flower tea, green tea and rose tea. I have seen some people who grow and dry their own teas. I am sure that would be the most healthiest and cost efficient way to have your warm cup of joy.

 Hot Green Tea

Hot Green Tea

6. List of Foods With Vitamin B- Here is a list of food that contain vitamin b which helps promote happiness and heal your intestines.  Some of the foods that are rich in vitamin b are lamb, wild caught salmon, feta cheese, grass-fed beef, cottage cheese and eggs. 

7. Foods That Have Magnesium-  Here is a list of Dr. Axe that has more information about foods rich in magnesium. Some of the foods listed are spinach, Swiss chard, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans, avocado, figs. yogurt or kefir, and bananas. 

Foods that Cause Anxiety and Depression

Some foods to avoid are refined foods. Processed foods are not nutritious and empty carbs. Heavy carbohydrates like pasta and breads put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your intestines which is not good for your happiness. Also sugar is a big one to avoid! Sugar destroys your skin, teeth and health. If you need a sugar supplement do not do artificial sweeteners those are even worse! Choose a natural sweetener like maple syrup or local honey. Unfortunately, I have been hearing that coffee can be not so good for people with high anxiety too.

How to Save Money While Eating Healthy

Giselle suggest that we increase our food budget to fit a healthier lifestyle. She says that we should prioritize our food budget to meet our health needs. I definitely agree with her that eating healthy and living a more happier life are well worth the time it takes to budget for these healthier options. She also suggests that we meal plan and stick to that plan. She says that she often would see extra healthy foods at the store and some how she ended up getting more than she planned for. So stick to your list is one way she suggests for keeping up with your food budget and getting the health foods your body needs. She also says that keeping it simple. All we really need is a healthy fat, vegetable for most meals.  I love that she gets local farm fresh meats and split the cost of a larger meat order with a friend.

Depression as a Parent 

She has personally gone through depression and she has come out of it with a new look on life. She sees that she needs to fuel her body with the right foods to be happy and accomplish all the tasks she has at hand. We can all become depressed as we care for all our little ones. Being a parent is hard. But when we treat our bodies right with good clean food and exercise we are creating a natural solution for that depression.

Exercise Routine for Home Without Equipment

Some exercise routines for home without equipment are using a workout app. Giselle suggests a app called 8fit. This app allows her to fit in a quick workout before or after her daily quiet time. I love how she makes a effort of getting exercise into her daily routine. 

Steps to Living a Happy Healthy Life

She suggest for us to make sure we are eating a clean healthy life. She also suggests that we should take out toxic chemicals out of our homes and switch to natural alternatives. She says that thinking about counting chemicals verse counting calories. Also we know that sugar is not good for our body. Simple live a clean life that is focused on good food and being environmentally aware.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed today's podcast. I feel like we learned a lot about Giselle and how health affects our happiness. Until next Sunday, have a wonderful week!


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