Who is Michael and Jackie? Why are we starting a farm?




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Michael and Jackie Bigar


Who is Michael and Jackie? Why are we starting a farm? 

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Who is Michael and Jackie?

 Homeschooling His Children

Homeschooling His Children

We are a husband and wife team. We are best friends and plan on being best friends for the rest of our lives. I serve Michael along side my children and myself. We want to work together and live a simple life together. We have been together for over 7 years and are still in love. We keep our love growing because we are raising our family together. We also have a similar dream. We have planned what our dream life would look like and we work together to make it happen.

We love the outdoors. We want to get into hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening, and small scale farming. We know that living a simple life is more natural than the man created life that people have created in cities. We want to raise our children to be humble, well rounded people who love one another and this beautiful world that God has created for us.

Why are starting a farm?

 Why are we starting a farm?

Why are we starting a farm?

Many people ask us why? We are selling everything we own to start a farm because we love people, we love animals and we love nature. We know that small scale farming is good for us and others in our community.

We truly have a heart for helping other people. We want to help them get good food. We want to help them create their own garden. We want to help people learn self sufficient skills so that they can create their own homestead.

We also love animals. We know that animals are not treated humanly when raised in a large mass scale farm. If we all raised a little of our own meat or purchased it from a small farm or homestead we would know that those animals are treated well. We want our animals to live a good life before we eat them. 

We love being outdoors and working the land. It seriously feels so right having dirt in between our fingers while we make little holes to plan seeds. We have truly see that gardening is a act of love, hope and a better tomorrow. We have learned that gardening is soul healing and we want to share our love of gardening and with others.

To us farming is a more traditional life. People have been farming for many many years before cities where build. Both Michael and my family have ties to farming, gardening and living a simple life. We are so grateful to have had our grandmothers and great grandmothers share their lives with us. They told us how life was so much different and simple back then. If you think about it the industrial revolution only happened 100 years ago. We would love to see people start growing some of their own food and supporting local farmers in their area.

What are we doing?

We are starting a small farm. We are moving away from the city in Arizona to the country in Idaho. We are homeschooling our children and having them learn self sufficient skills so that they can become eentrepreneurs themselves one day. 

When are we doing it?

We are in the process right now of selling everything we own to make our dreams come true. People may say discouraging things to us but we don't let it bother us. We see it as they are jealous so that may happen to you when you start your journey to a better life. But keep up the momentum do not let anyone else tell you how to live your life! You only have one life to live and make it worth living! 

Where can we homestead?

 Where can we homestead?

Where can we homestead?

We are moving our family to Idaho. We want to live somewhere green and with water. We are native Arizona folks and are ready to experience life in a new environment. We enjoy watch fellow homesteaders on YouTube because they are posting videos of the current weather. As a native Arizona person we thought that snow = death. We really did. So we are so glad to see families playing in the snow, building snowmen and then coming inside the home for warm coco. 

People are homesteading all over America. You can start a homestead in any place as long as your are abiding by the local laws. Many cities do not allow families to homestead but in the country you are allowed to farm. Homesteading is basically small scale farming and it living a more simple life like your grandparents did. Many many people today are wanting to go back to that life that their grandparents had lived. People today are done with the rat race and keeping up with the Joneses. 

Fellow Homesteaders

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Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us, our mission, and our goals. We hope that you will continue to come back to our podcast and learn to live a simple life with us. Until next time friend. Bye.......