Growing Your Own Organic Food



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Growing Your Own Organic Food

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Homesteading Podcast

Season 1 Episode 30

 Growing Your Own Organic Garden

Growing Your Own Organic Garden

Growing Your Own Organic Food  

We all want to eat healthier right. But how do we eat healthy and do it in an affordable way. The solution for Manny is to grow it themselves. When you grow your own organic food at home you are saying and you know that the food is pesticide free. By growing your food at home you are saving money and getting the most nutritious healthy food for your family. 

 Many homesteaders choose this life because they want to be able to give their family the best food possible. That’s why we are choosing this lifestyle and Rachel with the Green Homestead is choosing to Homestead as well. Today we have Rachel on our podcast and she is going to tell us about why she chose to Homestead and the reasons behind it being able to have food as medicine.  

 The Green Homestead with Rachel!

The Green Homestead with Rachel!

Reasons To Grow Your Own Organic Food

  • Save Money
  • Eat Better
  • Eat Fresh 
  • All You Have To Do is Step Outside Into Backyard
  • Feeling Accomplished
  • Self Sustaining 
  • You Can Grow Enough to Share


 Steps for you to grow your own food at home  

  1. The first step is to prepare the soil. Before you start your garden you can have your soil tested. Options for testing your soil are to have your county extension agent, a third party or to do a test yourself. You can watch a great video about soil testing from ABC Acres below.
  2. The next step to growing your food at home is to start a compost pile. You can buy compost or prepare your own. Obviously, it is cheaper and fresher to compost yourself. To learn more start a compost pile click here
  3. Choose the right plants. Search what plants do well in your zone and when to plant them. If you would like to see the plants that do well in your USDA zone click here. Also check out Clyde's Garden Planner. We just ordered his garden planner after watching his video with Off Grid with Doug and Stacy
  4. Establish your garden beds. One option is the traditional garden bed. If you would like to see Curtis Stone the Urban Farmer establish some new garden beds click here.
  5.  Plant your seeds. Then, water and weed your garden through out the gardening season.
  6. Harvesting Time. Now, that you put in all that hard work you get to reap the benefits of you homegrown organic produce!

Note: Another popular method of gardening is the back to Eden garden. For more info on that you can check out Back to Eden.