How to Build an Off Grid Cabin on a Budget

How to Build an Off Grid Cabin on a Budget 

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Season 1 Episode 36

How to Build an Off Grid Cabin on a Budget


Are you interested in building an off grid cabin? Are you needing to stay within a budget as well? My friend we are on the same path as you! We have been researching all the different off grid housing options. We have been scouring the Google search engines and YouTube to find a solution to our off grid house building needs. 

Here is a list of some interesting videos we found.

Build a Off Grid Cabin By Hand (Budget Approved)

One man builds a cheap, rustic log cabin in the Canadian wilderness alone and without power tools over several months in 2017. Finally, one video showing the entire build process from the cutting of the first tree to the laying of the last floor board - no food, no talking, no visitors, just carpentry, bushcraft, timber framing, blood, sweat and tears.

This is one of our favorite channels! My Self-Reliance is a great YouTube channel that highlights how to be self sufficient in the 21st century. Shawn James reminds me somewhat of a environmental biology teacher I one had. He shares how he build his off grid log cabin from scratch with the trees and materials in the area where he lives. Enjoy.

Budget Saving Hand Built Off Grid Cabin

OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: Doug and Stacy built this Log Home for around 15k and did it with minimal carpentry skills. We looked at several options for how we would have shelter on our off grid homestead like a 5th wheel 4 seasons trailer or a shed turned into a house and after we really dove in to the issue we came up with this.

Here is one of our favorite YouTube channels. We would like you to check out there video of how they build a off grid cabin on a budget.

Off Grid with Doug and Stacey

OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY: Stacy is taking you inside our 800 sq ft log home today on HOMESTEAD CRIBS =) Hope you enjoy the tour and don't forget the big collaboration going on all this week with all the channels below July 5th dirt patch heaven dirt patch

Here is another video from Off Grid with Doug and Stacey. They show you there off grid cabin and how they built it on a budget. They really are living the off grid life and do not even have solar!! Awesome right? 

Traditionally Built Log Cabin

Warning: This video is not in English but it is so enjoyable. Do you want to relax with your family and enjoy a nice off grid cabin being built? This would be a great video to watch. These Finnish men build a beautiful home with all natural non-toxic materials. This is another great video to watch.

Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process.

Affordable Off Grid Cabin Options

This video did not look appealing to me at all! But the longer we watched it the more we learned. This video is pretty funny in some parts (like did he just do that?) but there are some great tips in it if you are looking to build a off grid log cabin in the backwoods. This guy uses the trees in the area to build a cabin. 

This is for the guys that asked for the condensed videos of the cabin builds. Looks like I may be able to get them all into three videos about one hour each.

Log Cabin Kit Off Grid or On Grid

If you're shopping for a log cabin kit this video will have tips and advice from Becky. She shopped around and looked at a lot of log cabin kits before she picked hers. Then she built her own log cabin kit.

Here is a video about choosing a cabin kit as a alternative off grid or on grid cabin option. This may be in some of your budgets. 

Assembling a Log Cabin Kit

Starting a log cabin is always the hardest part keeping everything straight square and level in the 1st few courses will determine the outcome as you move towards the 2nd floor and on to the roof.

This video is from Essential Mountain Homestead. We watch their videos fairly frequently. This video is about log cabin kits and how to esemble them.

A Frame Cabin on a Budget

Enjoy peace, quiet, and beautiful views in Cazadero. This little a-frame cabin would make a productive retreat for an artist, writer, or musician, or a romantic getaway. Surrounded by redwoods on a private road in Cazadero, my cabin is an hour and forty-five minutes north of San Francisco: a roughly ten-minute drive to the beautiful Sonoma Coast, and just fifteen minutes to Guerneville and wine country in the other direction.

Living in a Yurt Off Grid and Budget Friendly

One winter day in our family's off grid life. Some of this is not even voiceover, just what it looks like to be here right now. Enjoy! *** This video features the song "Turning Clouds Into Mountains" by Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Here is a nice video from the Fouch family of how they lived in a Yurt before they built a lovely off grid cabin. They choose to start with a off grid yurt due to having to financial means to do another option. Now they have a beautiful wood framed home.

Natural Off Grid Cob Home

Bryce from Dreamweavers Collective explains the benefits and challenges of building with cob! Cob is a natural building material created from clay, sand, and straw that can be used to build load bearing walls, window and door frames, and much more. It's an affordable and natural way to build using materials that are typically found locally.

This video highlights building with the natural material of sand, clay and straw. This is called a cob home. This is a very interesting option of budget friendly off grid living. Cob buildings seem like they would melt away in snow and rain but they actually can be very strong and last a very long time. Plus you are using natural non-toxic building materials.

Budget Saving Off Grid Shed Home

Are we crazy? Maybe. Or maybe this will work and we will have an offgrid house that nurtures our souls. We have traveled the country in a van for the last few months, tried out conventional tiny homes, and lived full time in an RV for 5 months.

This family has chosen to build their off grid cabin in a shed home. This was the most budget saving option that they could think of at the time. She seems to enjoy their housing choice and enjoys the natural life of living off grid. If you want to see more of her videos she shows the inside of her off grid cabin home as well. She also explains how her family showers and heats their home too.

Off Grid Cabin (Low Cost)

The off grid cabin total build cost was $30,000 including all the construction materials and solar setup. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

This guy had the frame built by a contrator and then did most of the finishing himself. He also had someone do the stone work for him. Very beautiful little cabin and a budget friendly choice of housing. 

We Want to Build Our Own Cabin Cheap

That is why we have been searching for all the housing options. There are a lot of options for housing when you build your own home. We are looking at building a off grid cabin from the materials that are available in our area. We currently own a 24 foot travel trailer and we will be living in it while we build our future home. We are not sure if we will have our home built by the winter so we will have to put our trailer into a large garage with a fireplace while we wait to build. That is currently what we are thinking of doing but we will see! So often things change and we all learn and grow. 

Wrap Up

 How to Live Off Grid

How to Live Off Grid

I hope you enjoyed hearing us talking about what we are learning about off grid living. We also hope to teach you how to create a off grid homestead if that is what you choose to do as well. I believe we do not have to be tied to jobs that keep us away from our families and friends. I hope you choose a path in live that brings you lots of enjoyment. Until next time.

Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar