How to Live Debt Free

How to Live Debt Free

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Season 1 Episode 37

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How to Live Debt Free


It is totally possible for you to live debt-free in the 21st-century. You just have to figure out your priorities and what you have to do to get to your goals. If you want to live a more sustainable life that involves family, friends and community you may consider starting a homestead with being debt-free in mind. 

So is it even possible for the average person to start a homestead and be debt-free? Yes it’s possible but it takes time to think about how you will get there. If you want to be debt-free it takes a lot of planning and carefully managing your budget. People don’t become debt-free overnight or by accident. To live a life of being debt-free you will need to make very careful decisions on every day purchases, large purchases as well as think about the future purchases.

So some people will have a source of income when they are becoming debt-free from a house they are selling, vehicles are selling, or other things that they’ve accumulated over the years that are valuable.

 Baby Steps to Debt Freedom


We really enjoyed learning from Dave Ramsey on how to become debt-free . Although we do not use every principle that Dave Ramsey teaches we have taken what we could from his teachings and implemented it into our own lives. For example some of the things that he teaches is to eat less expensive food, Create a snowball effect with  debt, and  Live within your means. Those principles from Dave Ramsey have really stuck to us and we love living a life based on those type of principles. 

How we choose to become debt-free 

The path that we have chosen to become debt-free is to sell everything that we own and put that towards land and building a home from scratch all debt free. It’s more important for us to spend time with each other and create a community of other homesteaders then it is to have a huge retirement fund or a big house or a nice fancy cars. 

  1.  The first step is for us to sell everything we own.  
  2.  Next we are choosing to buy land and build our own house debt-free.  
  3.  The next thing we are doing is finding a way to make money online so that we can spend more time with each other versus having to be separated all day . 
  4. Lastly we will live happily ever after in a bliss of living on her own terms.

 Do you have any questions about living debt-free? 

If you have questions about living debt-free we would love to help you live a more enjoyable and self-sufficient life. Please leave any questions you have at the bottom of this blog post in the comments section and we will do our best to answer them or to guide you to people who can give you the answers that you’re looking for. I believe that everyone can live debt-free and live on their own terms it just takes time patience and planning. In today’s world living debt-free is it taught in schools by parents or any other places most often so you have to take it upon yourself to choose that life which is different than what the world is living. I believe you can do it and I would love to hear your story thank you so much for hanging out with us today. 

Wrap Up  

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