How To Be More Green At Home

How To Be More Green At Home

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Homesteading Podcast

Season 1 Episode 34

 Shady Creek Homestead

Shady Creek Homestead

What is the meaning of being "green"?

 How To Be More Green At Home

How To Be More Green At Home

Being green was a big thing about 10 years ago. It seemed like everyone knew about being more sustainable and protecting the planet. But in my world things have changed. I used to ride my bike to work and school. I worked at a health food store called Sprouts and I ate really healthy natural non processed food. 

After becoming a parent and getting married I lost that momentum of caring for our planet. I know that the household products we use are not healthy. I know that the soaps we use go down the drain and end up in our lakes, rives and are causing hard on those environments. But what can we do to change our lives to be more sustainable?

As the gatekeeper of our homes we vote with our dollars on what products we will accept into our homes. We can choose to make our own household cleaning products from baking soda and vinegar like our grandparents and great grandparents had done. We also have the choose to by products that contain bleach and chlorine. Everything in life is a choice. The question is how do you want to live your life?

Why should you care about being more "green"?

By choosing to be more green and sustainable you are choosing health. You are saying "no" to the big corporations that do not have your health in mind. It may should unbelievable because of all the commercials we see about how Clorox cares about us to keep our homes safe from bacteria. But do they really care about of health? The answer is no, they do not! They are selling toxic products that are very harmful to the human body but all we think of when seeing a bottle of Clorox bleach is how it kills the bad bacteria.Hmm...

What are some harmful household products?

Problem Products

  • Cleaning Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Face Wash
  • Landry Soap
  • Air Fresheners
  • Toothpaste
  • Foods such as flour that has been spayed with Round Up. Food that contains food coloring. Food that is loaded with sugar and preservatives.

What are natural solutions to these harmful household products?

Solution Products

  • Homemade Cleaning Products with Young Living Essential Oils ( Get a Young Living Membership with me and 24%off Retail of your essential oils and more! Click here to get a young living membership).
  • Mineral Makeup (Try Young Livings new Savvy Mineral Makeup) Young Living as a Savvy Minerals Makeup Starter kit! 
 Young Living Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

Young Living Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

  • Face Wash- Young Living as a Mint Face Scrub that I just ordered. I actually got it with free points that I earned from enrolling in the monthly Young Living subscription. I also love Young Living because I know that I am apart of a community of people that truly care about the health and wellness of all people. 
  • Laundry Soap, Hand Soaps, Lotions, Air Fresheners, Toothpaste, and Flour- Young Living has all these products and they are 100% all natural free of chemicals and chemical residues. I love using these products. I feel like I am protecting my own body and my families bodies when choosing safer alternatives. 

Would you like to get a Young Living membership with me? I would love to walk you through the process of starting this journey of more green, healthy and sustainable living. Join today and save 24% off retail prices!

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Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed today's podcast. I had fun creating it for you. If you would like more information about Young Living, a cataloge or a sample please send me a text message. My phone number is 623-332-6482. Until next time friend.