Our Plan For Starting a Homestead

We deeply desire living a simply life. We dream of having chickens, goats, cows and growing our own food. Our plan for achieving those dreams is selling pretty much everything we have so that we can purchase land.  We love watching homestead videos on YouTube for inspiration and searching homestead blogs for ideas. 

We are new to the gardening world but we love it! 

 Watermelon Plant

Watermelon Plant

We plan on downsizing our home for awhile and then later purchaing land. We are not sure if we will be buying land with or without a small home on it. We have been looking a land in our spare time for over a year and have not settled on where to buy it. Where are not even sure what state to start our homestead.

Homesteading is such a beautiful experience but we want to be causious and careful with ever move we make. We are hard working people that are determined to be successful in our homesteading ventures. 

We have online plateforms where we plan on creating most of our income but we also want to make money from our homestead. We want to grow extra food and meat that we can sell for farmers markets, friends, family, and online. 

How do you plan on living you life? Do you want to continue living your life they way you are or do you desire something better? I would love to hear your thought on homesteading. Please leave a comment in the box below so we can learn from you.

As always God bless you, your family and this great Nation.

Yours Truly,

Michael and Jackie Bigar