Happy πŸ˜† Earth 🌏 Day!

Happy Earth Day friend! Today is a day to consider what type of life we want to live. Are we going to choose to be more sustainable and live a life with care for our planet? Or are we going to live the new typical life of spending every penny we have and buying cheap goods from foreign countries? 

 So today we can figure out what we want out of life.  Today we can figure out what kind environmental impact we want to leave on this world and for future generations. So on Earth Day we think about being more green and be more sustainable. But what does sustainable even mean? To live a life that’s more sustainable means that we are conscious of everything we purchased and bring into our home. Where does the stuff come from that we are purchasing? And what kind of environmental impact does that stuff have on the environment of our own lives and Environment after it’s created. 

Many of the plastic goods and cheap goods that we buy have a bad environmental impact on them after their created there’s lots of toxic waste left over. So let’s think about everything that we purchase how it’s made and what happens to the environment after we’re done with it. I hope you guys have a awesome birthday and remember to be more aware of the things that we buy.  Until next time friend, goodbye.

Sincerely, Jackie Bigar