Low Cost Homeschool Curriculum plus all the Benefits of Private Educational Experience

       We love homeschooling. We also love providing families a low cost option to homeschooling. My husband and I have created a digital download of our homeschool program that anyone can purchase. The total cost of our homeschool program is less than 15 dollars! We personally are on a path to becoming debt free and we want to encourage other families along the same path. A typical homeschool program can cost well over 300.00 and a in depth teacher created educational program could cost much more.

You really are getting a high quality homeschool program at a almost free cost. We want to provide curriculum to you for such a low cost because we personally have struggled financially while continuing to save our money and become debt free. We also know that the glue that holds families together is Jesus Christ and he speaks a lot about helping those in financial need.

One reason we love homeschooling is that we can teach our child from the comfort of our own home while also homeschooling with families all over the United States. You can feel assured that you are providing a complete educationally experience to your child because all of our curriculum is based around nationally suggested learning objectives. Your child would be getting a similar educational experience if they were in a traditional school but its even better because they have you teaching them! The one on one educational experience that you are providing them is incomparable to the schooling that they would get in a classroom with 15-30 classmates.

You can enhance your child's education with Spanish, piano, art, sports and more! But all of the basic educational needs that your child will have are covered in our kindergarten homeschool curriculum. As a homeschooling parent you get to decide when and what you want your children to learn but you can enjoy the peace of mind that you will experience knowing that everything you need is at your finger tips.

 We will help you every day with our encouraging morning announcemnts.

We will help you every day with our encouraging morning announcemnts.

homeschooling his children

       I attended public school as a child and I have to say I learned a lot of bad things from those schools, teachers, and friends. As Christians we are to raise our children to be disciples for Jesus Christ. How can we disciple our children if they are not with us? When your child attends a public school the teachers are the one molding your child's charter. Plus as a previous public school teacher I can honesty tell you the children in the classroom are one of the main influences on your child.

  • Who are the children influencing your child?
  • Do your child's classmates come from Christian homes?
  • Are your child's classmates they kind?
  • Do your child's classmates they share?
  • Do your child's classmates speak to one another with kindness and respect?

From my personal experience I would say the answer to those questions is no. That is why we are proving a low cost homeschool program to families all over the United States.

     You can have a positive life changing impact on your child by using this teacher created homeschool program. You can teach your child how to respond to others with love and respect and about the world they live in. You will have all the tools you need to train young Jesus following disciples.  We are here to help you do all that for less than 15 dollars! Join our 2017-2018 homeschool program and I will walk with you down this new path of homeschooling. You can visit our online curriculum store and purchase our complete homeschool package. You will have all the instruction you need to get started on our homeschool adventure! We will also provide daily podcasts if you need more assistance or encouragement. We hope to see you in the fall!

May God bless you, your family, and this great nation!

Yours Truly, 

Michael and Jackie Bigar