Document Homeschool Days for Years to Come

We had so much fun today just hanging out a living life together. We went to the park, story time, and worked around the house. I love having my child do the things I do because they learn so much from living life with their momma.  

Having the choice to homeschool is such a blessing. We get to do what ever we want each day! We live in Arizona so our homeschool laws are super awesome. I hope I’m doing it right but I am under the impression that we do Homeschooling however we see fit.  

Even though Arizona has pretty much no accountability for Homeschooling elementary age children I still like to write down the things we are doing so that if anyone ever does ask I have records of our homeschool days. If you want to use the same homeschool curriculum as us it’s available on our website under the homeschool curriculum tap. 💕  

I hope all of you are having great days with your children as you embark on this happy time as a Homeschooling family. I hope you enjoy the simple yet very special moments that you would miss if they were otherwise in school. I love keeping records of all the things that I  love ❤️ about Homeschooling. My blog here is where I especially love to keep records and pictures of our daily activities. You could totally start a blog too with a free account or paid account on blogger or squarespace.

If you are like me you may have days when you want to quit and send your children to public school. But if you keep record of all the wonderful things about Homeschooling it will keep your passion for Homeschooling alive. Please bookmark my website and check back often so we can share our homeschool adventures together. As always May God bless you, your family, and this great nation.  

Yours Truly,  

Jackie Bigar

Homeschooling His Children

 Healthy Homeschool Snack Idea

Healthy Homeschool Snack Idea


Healthy Homeschool Snack Idea

Michael and Jackie