Homeschool Mom Life

Hi friends! We are on a exciting new journey of homeschooling, blogging, getting debt free and planning a small farm. We have a lot going on guys. But life is good when your busy, excited, and helping other people! 

We are in the process of moving and packing to move out of this house. We are also updating our house with new doors, painting the inside and outside and lots and lots of odd jobs around here to make our home more valuable. 

Life is so good when you are helping people and serving God's children. We have a lot to do these days but we love every minute of it because each day we are getting closer to reaching our goals. Our big goal is to live on a small farm (homestead) together and be self reliant. Self reliance to us means having online income, growing our own food and bring off grid. 

One reason why we want to be as self reliant as possible is so we can feel comfortable taking care of all our own needs. We are also firm believers of being debt free and if we are self reliant then we would not be asking from others to meet our needs. Plus we love growing our own food because we can control the whole process and make sure the food is organic aka bug poison free. The freshness of homegrown food is also unbeatable. 

Homeschooling His Children